Rocky Point is a prime destination for people from every walk of life in search of unlimited fun. But it’s also for those who seek to revisit a past of shared experiences. While there are scores of bars and restaurants that provide untold enjoyment, there is one establishment that is surprisingly unlike all the others. It is American Legion MX Post 15.

In the Mirador section of town (think the Pink Cadillac) and up Chihuahua a short way, you’ll find this oasis that welcomes US veterans and non-veterans alike. My old seafaring pal, Craig, told me all about it.

CAP’N GREG: Many Legion clubs in the States restrict membership. What about here?

CRAIG: This post is open to anyone, yet they really encourage membership to support all the stuff they do for the community.

CAP’N GREG: How much is membership?

CRAIG: If you are an American veteran, 30 bucks and you are a member. If you are not a vet, any vet can sponsor you, and you can join as an associate. The annual dues help with rent, utilities, keep drink and food prices low, and there’s enough left over to help Peñasco people get through hard times.

CAP’N GREG: But the post also takes contributions?

CRAIG: Sure. There is always a cause that needs financial support.

CAP’N GREG: Tell me about the place.

CRAIG: Well, Mike is the commander, Danny is the manager. Then Juan, Gloria and Karen work the bar and food service. It’s a super team. Makes veterans feel at home, even though they are in Mexico. It’s really a special place. My wife, Linda, and I even donated former Red Lobster booths we found in Tucson.

CAP’N GREG: I know. I was sitting here playing cribbage with friends from Green Valley a month ago. And I was impressed by the lending library of books and movies.

CRAIG: What’d you think of the patio out back?

CAP’N GREG: Very nice. A bunch of comfortable places to sit in the shade and have a cool one or two.

CRAIG: A cool one or two sounds like a good idea to me right now.

CAP’N GREG: I salute your good judgment.

CRAIG: No need to salute, just buy the first round.

CAP’N GREG: Spoken like a true veteran. And, by the way, thanks for your service.

CRAIG: Same back atcha, Cap’n Greg.