Not to lessen the magnificence of the other 11, but November is possibly my favorite month in Rocky Point. That’s when visitors and locals alike wear shorts and T-shirts during the warm days and gradually switch to jeans and long-sleeved shirts as the cool nights mark the change of the seasons. Ron Wentworth of Blythe, CA, emailed me last week and I filled him in on all the fun to be had south of the border.


RON: Why would I want to go to Rocky Point when there’s the whole Pacific Ocean about the same distance from my house?

CAP’N GREG: Good question, Ron. Here’s another: Why would you want to drive through L.A.’s insane, drab freeways to arrive at a beach crowded with young Robert Redford wannabes when, instead, you can meander through a beautiful stretch of the Sonoran Desert to discover miles of outstanding beaches and not a single Sundance Kid in sight?


RON: But there are aspiring actresses on Rocky Point beaches, right?

CAP’N GREG: I admit I’ve seen some of the ladies put on a show.


RON: I have a small camper. Are there places to stay with full hook-ups?

CAP’N GREG: Playa de Oro, Playa Bonita and The Reef are all good. Either get on line to make reservations, or take your chances that they’ll have an empty space. If you’re talking about hook-ups like water and electricity, they have those. For the other kind of hook-ups, you’re on your own.


RON: How about ice?

CAP’N GREG: It’s made from purified water and is just as cold as American ice.


RON: Food?



RON: Fancy drinks?

CAP’N GREG: Name your poison.


RON: Trouble?

CAP’N GREG: You look for it, you’ll find it.


RON: English speakers?

CAP’N GREG: About the same percent as Blythe.


RON: Great info, Cap’n Greg. Rocky Point, here I come!

CAP’N GREG: We’ll leave the blender on for you, Ron.