OK, maybe not insanely crazy to everyone…but for a reasonable person the following list will probably get your heart racing. For the person afraid of heights, and unusual activities it will definitely test you…For those of you who like action and adventure, well, it may just be another crazy day at the beach. Anyhow, if you haven’t tried the list below, you might want to take a chance on a few and see if your heart beat starts accelerating and a sudden feeling of adventure overcomes you. (Caution: If none of the below seems too exciting or fun, maybe your just a little crazier than you thought).

1. Ultra-light flight– Have you tried a flight on the ultra-light aircrafts on the beach? Perhaps you are sitting on the beach or a balcony of a condo and you see a strange looking flying machine overhead, looks like a hang glider, but wait they are sitting down and there is a motor. My husband takes everyone who visits to Jorge, an ultra-flight pilot located on Sandy Beach and convinces them to take the ride of their life. The flight lasts about 20 minutes and is very exciting. You get a shot of adrenaline and a great view of Rocky Point from the air. Located on Sandy Beach on the turn- in road to Wrecked at the Reef Cantina. Try it out!

2. Snorkel with the sea lions on Bird Island– OK, this may sound crazy to some, but take a boat ride to Bird Island with snorkel gear in hand and jump in the water with hundreds of sea lions. Make sure to take an underwater camera as they will come right up to you with their big brown eyes, blinking against your mask. Just remember sharks do like sea lions…I’m just saying they do…not that I have ever seen one at Bird Island. If you are interested in taking a trip to Bird Island try ecofunrentals@gmail.com orwww.panchovillarockypoint.com. Some beach towns offer to swim with the dolphins, we offer to swim with the sea lions.

3. Horseback riding on the beach-Whether this gets your heart beating or not may depend on how experienced you are in the equestrian arena. Just riding any animal is exciting and a beach ride at sunset could be very romantic, make your heart beat in a different way, if you know what I mean. Every evening around sunset you will see the horses come out to the beach around Playa Bonita and work their way down Sandy Beach offering rides to customers. Bring a camera and maybe a carrot.

4. Take a ride on the Banana boat– the banana boat rides are fast. They love to pile you on and fling you around. It’s safe, bumpy, old fashioned fun but hold on tight or you might go flying into the sea. Look for them on the water in front of the resorts on Sandy Beach, they do provide life jackets and a fun ride. For the younger crowd this will definitely get the hearts beating faster.

5. Try your hand at Kite surfing– Picture surfing but with a kite attached to it. Catching air, lifting up off the waves and then back down on the top of the water. It is a pretty sight to see and I imagine a more exciting sport to try, this should get the juices flowing. Ryan Chonka of Rocky Point Kite Surfing states he has trained people from age 13 to 65. If you ever tried this in Hawaii or another beautiful location try it out in Peñasco. Year round fun and kayak expeditions and scuba diving trips are also offered. Contact Fun@rockypointkitesurfing for more information.

6. Jet Ski on the Sea of Cortez– What other body of water can you gets on a jet ski in front of your resort and ride the waves around the sea. Rocky Point generally does not have surfing waves so jet skiers can glide across flat waters and ride the machine from one point of Sandy Beach to the other. Rocky Point prices are much cheaper for Jet Ski rentals than those in the United States. Take a spin and experience one end of Sandy Beach to the other or a trip around the peninsula to Cholla Bay.

7. Kayak around Pinto and Pelican point to Cholla Bay– Ok here is a day adventure for you. Bring down your kayak or rent Kayaks (Las Palomas has kayak rentals, beside them Eco Fun Rentals, ecofunrentals@gmail.comand a few places will have them sitting out on the way into Old Port). Go out at Wrecked at the Reef Cantina on Sandy Beach and kayak around the peninsula of Cholla Bay. Cholla Bay is a peninsula with two jetting points. You might experience some strong currents at the points, but we said insanely crazy didn’t we? Kayak around to the still water of beautiful Cholla Bay and then pull your kayaks up in front of JJ’s Cantina and have a snack and a beverage…then depending on what beverage you had, kayak back or find a friend to pick you up! Note: Check the tide charts in the Rocky Point Times.

8. Rocky Point Stand Up Paddle Boarding– Here’s a rather new sport in town to Rocky Point. Paddle Boarding. It looks relatively easy, but when is the last time you glided or walked on water? If you have never tried this before, I challenge you try it and tell me you got up the first time. A few private residents or visitors may have been seen in the past gliding on top of the sea in what looked like a surfboard, but new in 2012 is a rental group called Rocky Point SUP Rentals making it available to everyone. Just go in front of Playa Bonita Hotel on the weekends and you can see the boards set up for rent.

There are many more exciting and fun things to do in Rocky Point with new adventures being offered every day. In my opinion it is hard not to have fun in our beautiful seaside town. Above is a small selection of 8, but stay tuned for more!

Anita Kaltenbaugh is the Mexico travel examiner at examiner.com and author of the book “Travel Secrets- Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations” available on Kindle, NOOK and Amazon.com.