Our Older Dogs (A.K.A. Residents)

We saw a heartwarming article recently about a 14 year old dog named Wiggles finding her forever home after 11 years in an Illinois shelter. It really hit home for us, as over half of the dogs at Barb’s are considered full-time residents. For the most part, these are older dogs or dogs that carry the scars (blind, burns, amputations) of neglect or abuse. So, when one is lucky enough to find a loving family, even if it isn’t one of ours, it brings joy to our hearts.

We get it. Everyone loves puppies. They are cute, cuddly, wiggly and full of possibilities. Older dogs are, well, old. They often prefer walks to runs and naps to playing fetch. But they are not without possibilities of their own. Their hearts are filled with love, and they make excellent companions…especially if you are of the age where you prefer walks over runs and enjoy an occasional nap on a sunny, spring afternoon.

Meet Polly

Polly is a longtime resident and shelter volunteer favorite. She arrived at Barb’s nine years ago, undernourished and dehydrated, but lucky to have been found. She had been abandoned at the dump south of town, a common site for the no-longer-wanted animals of Rocky Point. Polly is loving and affectionate and would make a perfect companion. She has been waiting a very long time for her forever home. Hopefully, the someone who will make her dream come true will be you. Polly and other ready-to-join-your-family pets can be seen daily from 10 am – 2 pm at Barb’s.

How You Can Help

We are still limited by current border restrictions on the number of dogs we can transport each week. Consequently, we have many dogs that have been adopted and are simply waiting for transportation to their forever homes in Arizona. If you can help us transport a dog to his/her new owners, contact Barb or stop by the Rescue between 10 and 2 for more information. Our adoptive dogs have had all vaccinations, been spayed or neutered, and have the appropriate documentation to cross the border.

And if you are a Rocky Point resident, please consider fostering a puppy (or two) in your home. The socialization and care you provide them is so valuable. Better still, adopt one of our adult residents. Rescue dogs make wonderful companions and will reward your generosity with undying love and affection. Each of these options opens up much needed space for other puppies and dogs who desperately need our help.

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