A Good Month for New Beginnings

Coronavirus Brings Many Challenges

It’s September. Finally. And, while life is not completely back to normal, we see signs of a better tomorrow. As we begin to enjoy the many wonderful things about Rocky Point life, we cannot help but reflect on the challenges of the past months. Like all of us, Barb and her dedicated staff have had to be creative in solving the dilemmas presented by the quarantine. The number of dogs needing food and shelter increased greatly during this difficult time. Puppies were still being born. Abandoned, abused and broken dogs still needed to be rescued. With the border shut down, the 300+ animal residents found at Barb’s on any given day swelled to numbers well exceeding the Rescue’s capacity, and all needed to be watered and fed twice daily, medicated and cared for. Cut off from volunteers and much of her staff, Barb’s skeleton crew left their homes and families behind and became temporary residents of the compound. The work goes on because, at Barb’s, Rescue Never Stops!

A Big Journey for a Small Dog

Writing a column for the RPT can sometimes be difficult when we can’t be there every day.  This month, we bring an amazing story from Barb’s that is bound to touch your heart and reassure you of the good in the world. No one can tell this story better than Barb herself.

“Several weeks ago, lifelong friends Janet and Sharon were viewing our Facebook page when a special little dog caught their eye. Tiana is a pug mix who arrived at the Rescue with an eye condition. Janet had lost her beloved pug to cancer a year ago. Something about the photo drew her to little Tiana, but Janet was a long distance away. Both friends lived in Minnesota, approximately 1,850 miles from Puerto Peñasco. With Sharon’s encouragement, Janet contacted the shelter, and casting fear of the virus aside, the two friends masked-up and boarded a plane. We were able to arrange Tiana’s transportation to Phoenix, and Tiana was in their arms upon arrival. Wanting to make this trip as stress-free as possible, they hopped on the next plane back. Tiana is now settling into her new home, already loved and adored by her new family and friends.”

Help Needed

Because of the pandemic, we are short on almost everything. Dog food, medical supplies, dog treats, cleaning supplies, detergent, paper towels, doggy pads, used towels and blankets. Welcome back to those who have previously volunteered with us. We have missed you and look forward to seeing you again. Our nursery is full of puppies in need of fostering, and the Rescue is overflowing with juvenile and adult dogs waiting to find their forever homes.

Barb’s is a 501c3 U.S. organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.  Please visit us online at: http://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescue Our website: www.BarbsDogRescue.org Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email: barbsdogrescue@gmail.com