Bienvenidos to Our Winter Guests

October. The month where the heat and humidity of summer are finally becoming a distant memory. The month where the smell of sugar skulls hangs in the air. The month where our summer guests are replaced by our returning winter friends.

While both are important to our local economy, our winter visitors stay longer and spread their spending across a wider section of businesses. And because most return year after year, they see themselves as part-time residents and take a more vested interest in our community. They have time. They are willing to get involved, and so many seek out a place where it’s possible to make a difference in Rocky Point.

So, we at Barb’s invite our winter guests to visit us. Come volunteer. The time you spend at the Rescue will bring you great satisfaction, knowing that your contribution was priceless. There are a number of ways to get involved:

  1. We are in desperate need of high-quality canned puppy or adult dog food. You are allowed to bring in food made from any animal without hooves. Chicken or turkey is great. We also need donations of dry kibble.
  2. You can also pick up food that has been donated at the Why Not Store in Why, AZ and deliver it to the Rescue on your way into town.
  3. We always need gently used towels, blankets, and dog beds. The cooler months are ahead, and this helps keep our dogs warm and comfortable.
  4. Detergent, paper towels, doggie pads, and all cleaning supplies are great donations.
  5. Visit the Rescue and enjoy socializing the new pups. You are sure to walk away with a smile on your face.
  6. Help us foster pups without mothers who would otherwise have no chance of survival. Don’t be afraid of this job. Like babies, they sleep most of the time, and the bottle feeding is a joy. Best time to speak with Barb about fostering is 10 to 2, Monday-Friday.
  7. Some dogs have already been adopted and only need a ride back to their new families in the U.S. E-mail and put TRANSPORT in the subject line if you can help out. Barb provides all the paperwork needed for the dogs to cross the border.
  8. Purchase a Barb’s Dog Rescue T-shirt or 2022 Calendar.

Meet Sachi

Sachi arrived at the Rescue is dire condition. She had obviously lived nightmares we cannot imagine, yet you would never know it today. She is a lovable two-year-old, weighing 15 pounds. Sachi gets along well with other dogs and is ready to be adopted to a loving home. Come meet her or any of our 350+ dogs and puppies.

Barb does all this with the help of those who donate to the Rescue. Remember we are a U. S non-profit organization, and all of your donations are tax deductible.

Barb is forever grateful to those who have opened their heart and their home to one of her beloved dogs.