Make A Gift of Love

Tis The Season

December is not only the last month of the year, it kind of feels like the longest month. And it’s not just the anticipation of Christmas that children feel. This year has brought so much anxiety, pain, and hardship, here and around the world, that 2021 might just be the most welcomed new year ever. As blessed as Barb’s has been to have your support, it has been challenging for us to keep up in this time of Covid.

Most of what Barb needs (food, medicine, puppy pads, bleach and bleach wipes, Lysol type sprays, detergent, gently used blankets and towels, coats and sweaters for winter, and money to pay vet, electric and water bills) can be quickly and easily met through donations. Space…not so much. In November, alone, over 100 dogs arrived at our doors. We have exceeded our capacity, and there is now a waiting list. There are a number of contributing factors:

Puppies. We are once again facing a puppy explosion. We are transferring as many pups as we can to adoption shelters across the border, but puppies must stay in our care for at least four months to be weaned, have their shots, and be spaded or neutered. We are currently in desperate need of high quality canned food for nursing mamas. If you want to purchase, Barb’s recommends Kirkland’s chicken puppy food. It can be found locally at Welton’s on Benito Juarez, across from Sam’s.

Border Restrictions. Yes, it seems even Mexican dogs are subject to a U.S. Customs quota. Barb’s has been limited on the number of dogs we can transport across the border weekly.

Visitors to the Rescue. The number of tourists go down in the winter, which means fewer on-site adoptions.

Older Dogs. Most families want puppies. We get it. They are cute and playful. So, the puppies get adopted pretty quickly, while older dogs wait (and wait) for the perfect owners to find them.

Special Needs Dogs. The three legged. The one-eyed. The deaf or blind. Those scarred and mistreated. Sadly, these dogs frequently become long-time residents at Barb’s.


And so, we are asking you to makea gift of love. Spend an hour a week socializing our puppies. Foster a motherless pup. Help us transport pups across the border. Bring donated dog food back from the WhyNot Travel Store in Why. Open your hearts and your homes to one of the older or special needs dogs. You will surely gain as much as you give from this experience.

We are thankful for all who have opened their hearts and their homes to adoption. All who have contributed food, supplies, money, or who have made purchases through Amazon Smile. All who have purchased BDR t-shirts and calendars. All who have made Barb’s the recipient of their annual philanthropies. All who have volunteered. Our devoted staff. And the continued generosity of our sponsors. We could not continue the good work we do without your support. And for that, we are grateful and thankful 365 days a year. Happy holidays from our families to yours!

Please visit us online at or our website: or Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email: