As much as Cap’n Greg enjoys Rocky Point’s seemingly never-ending days of sunshine and soft breezes, there is no guarantee every day will be perfect. Certain times of the year the discomforts of heat and humidity are to be expected. But what is extra special (IMHO) is when the incalculably vast power of the sea conjures up a doozie of a storm.
I’ve stood in gale force winds on the Malecon, watching as towering rollers tossed shrimp boats around like toys. I’ve seen mountainous waves crash over the sea wall, the air heavy with salt spray. When even gulls and pelicans are grounded by the howling wind, and the raging sea is too choppy for them to even land on it, you know Mother Nature has served up a humdinger.
It doesn’t rain very often in this corner of the Sonoran Desert, but when it does, like from the remnants of a hurricane crossing the Baja, it can sometimes flood the entire city. For example, Calle 13, with its high curbs, can take a very long time to dry out after a heavy rain.
I can’t count the times I planned to head out fishing, and it was too rough to launch the boat. Or when I invited first-time visitors to take a stroll along the beach and got blasted by windblown sand instead.

However, one of the things that makes Peñasco so alluring is the variety of things you can do when plans get interrupted by unexpected changes in the weather. So, by all means, enjoy the sun and soothing water. But I hope you get a chance to live a little on the wild side and experience a really angry sea. While it may keep you from boating or swimming or fishing, Cap’n Greg is sure you will still find plenty of activities to make your visit an unforgettable one.