WindGeneratorNo time for questions this month. Cap’n Greg has big news to report. No, I haven’t married a super model. The old model is just fine. And I haven’t decided to run for office yet, as I’m still laughing my tail off at the crowd of goobers who made a circus of the recent primaries. But let’s get back to Rocky Point.

A monstrous wind charger has been erected that will generate much needed electricity for the area. After numerous studies (that perhaps involved tequila shooters) the company installed just one wind charger. The reason is that there is not enough wind in Rocky Point for more. In fact, most of the wind was so scared of that big damn propeller thing it decided it didn’t want to blow here and went to Yuma.

On another front, a group of scientists is planning to harness the incredible power of the tides. If you are not aware, Rocky Point has some of the most extreme tide movement on the planet. At certain times of lunar activity, it’s not unusual to see the tide rise and fall as much as 7 meters. (Or 375 feet, if you use your calculator incorrectly while converting meters to something you can understand.) Scientists from the UA, ASU and NAU have spent countless hours discussing the project at the Playa Bonita bar. With a few more visits they will have figured out why hot sauce and lime juice make the shrimp cocktail taste so yummy.

So, dear readers, huge developments are happening here, and I will pass along more breaking news as it becomes available. In the meantime, my super model says the enchiladas are ready. Until next time, vaya con cerveza.