As Time Passes, Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same

by Bo & Linda Bernard

Some Things Change

Each month, before we begin to write this column, we go back and look what we had to say in the same month in a prior year. It is always interesting to see how the metrics have changed, either in the positive or the negative. Today we looked back to February 2019 and found a story highlighting a little dog named Pepe. Pepe and his litter mates, only a few weeks old, were abandoned in a trash can and, when found, taken to Barb’s Dog Rescue. As they grew, all were adopted except for Pepe. Thinking back, it wasn’t difficult to understand because, as a pup, Pepe was a mess. He was territorial and had a real Napoleon complex. He had the craziest hair, growing in all directions. We nicknamed him Mad Max. By the time Pepe was a year old he had mellowed into a real lovebug, as long as another dog didn’t mess with his food. In that article, we encouraged you to come to the Rescue and meet Pepe. We were sure if you did you would fall in love and make him part of your family. And though he wasn’t adopted from the article, he was eventually adopted by a couple who volunteered at the Rescue. Though we are sure he misses all the love he received from Barb and her staff, Pepe now has his forever family, one that loves him unconditionally. He is still a lovebug. I know because he is curled up in my lap as I write. Taking your own advice can be a very good thing.

Some Things Stay The Same

In that same article we shared some vital needs the Rescue was experiencing. Some things stay the same, and with 350+ residents at any given time, the needs of the Rescue are never ending. Many have been inspired to drop off food, dog bedding, cleaning supplies, or gently used towels and blankets. Others donate money or have adopted one of the thousands of canine inhabitants over the eighteen years Barb’s has served our community. In February 2022, your help is still needed.

While every gift (food, money, and adoption) is badly needed and gratefully received, the gift of volunteering is just as essential to the ability to provide care and love the dogs so desperately need. There are many ways to volunteer, among them: socialization, care and feeding, and fostering.

Socialization: Puppies need human interaction to prepare them for adoption. Older dogs crave the individual attention you can give. Come to the Rescue any day between 10 and 2 to share your time and love with our dogs. You will surely leave with a happy heart if you do.

Feeding: Help with providing nightly care and food to the many canine residents is critical to Barb’s operation. This would be a great volunteer opportunity for fulltime residents of Puerto Peñasco.

Fostering: Too frequently, very young puppies are abandoned or have been forcibly separated from their mother before old enough to survive on their own. Foster homes are essential until they make the transition from formula to solid food. Barb will provide all you need to complete this special task. If you are interested in volunteering, see her contact information below.

And last, but most importantly, if you are thinking of adding a canine friend to your family, visit the Rescue today. You will have an amazing selection of dogs from which to choose. All waiting to become an essential part of your family. If you don’t believe us, just ask Pepe!

Please visit us online at or our website: or Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659    or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email: