SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: I’m planning to be in Rocky Point with two girlfriends in March. Is it best to stay in a hotel or rent a condo on Sandy Beach?
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: Maybe you misunderstood me. I am looking for advice on the accommodations that will be close to the action, but far enough away it will be quiet for sleeping.
CAP’N GREG: You can buy ear plugs at almost any pharmacy in town.
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: Is it that noisy all night?
CAP’N GREG: You might want to ask the people next door to keep it down. 
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY:  Next door in the hotel, or in a condo?
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: You’re not being very helpful here, Cap’n Greg.
CAP’N GREG: As I have told so many others, there is no best place to stay in Peñasco. One person may love a hotel, an Airbnb, a condo, or renting a private home in Las Conchas, while another may prefer a pop-up camper at an RV Resort. The important thing is just being here. The ocean. The hospitality. The people.
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: Okay. I understand, and I thank you for your honesty.
CAP’N GREG: You’re welcome, Sally.
SALLY FROM GREEN VALLEY: Now, about the food. Where’s the best place to get shrimp tacos and cold beer? At the fish market, in town, or at a restaurant on the beach?