Here we go again. Cap’n Greg is being inundated by visitors wanting to know which are my favorite restaurants in Rocky Point. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I am a simple guy (Far too many will agree with that.) with simple tastes, so the places I like best may not satisfy those of you wanting to truly titillate your gourmet palates. But the inquiries go way beyond that.

“Is there a bar that serves gluten-free beer?” “Where can I find low-calorie papas fritas?” “I’m lactose intolerant. Can you suggest an alternative to a cheese enchilada platter followed by a double dip ice cream cone?” “If a total vegan like me eats four Sonoran hot dogs from Chon’s on Constitucion should I feel guilty, even though the toppings are vegetable based?” “I heard that if you pay with pesos, Mexican food tastes more authentic. Is that true?”

Chicos and chicas, if you have special dietary restrictions, there are almost as many alternatives available in Peñasco as in the States. You may have to look a bit harder for them here, but most cultures around the globe are aware that some people can’t eat some things, so the selection in stores and restaurants is getting better all the time.

Meanwhile, if you are hankering for a steak as thick as a Phoenix phonebook, fish dishes that any New York restaurant would be proud to serve, and the best tacos, tamales, enchiladas and burritos on the planet—at great prices—you will find all that in Rocky Point. Gluten-free beer? Not so much.