The beach is open, the sea is open, the beach is open! It’s impossible to imagine it ever being closed, right?

In the future, we will tell the story of how the beach and the Sea of Cortez were closed for 4 months. It’s been a unique experience to live on the beach, and not be allowed to put your toes in the sand and the sea. But, this is now a thing of the past, a moment in history, and I for one will remember the closing of the beach, but I will also remember all the good Rocky Point locals and business owners who worked together and continue to do so in this new normal.

Here are 30 reasons why the beach and the sea, are the best things for you during the pandemic and well, really, anytime.

  1. Saltwater cures everything, live your best beach life.
  2. When you think you are so big in the world – go stand in the sea, you’ll see how big you really are.
  3. Pelicans, egrets, osprey, seagulls, blue footed booby’s – man it’s good to be somewhere where nature flys around you.
  4. Jacque Cousteau said the Sea of Cortez is ‘the worlds aquarium’.  Go out, dive in, and explore this underwater aquarium for free.
  5. Body surfing is a way to feel one with the nature of waves, let your body ride.
  6. Get down on the beach – with your back on the sand, close your eyes and listen to the waves. Peace. Tranquility.
  7. Salty hair, I don’t care, beach looks are good for the hair and the skin.
  8. Free tickets to the show: dolphins, sea turtles and sea lions will put on a private show, if you’re patient.
  9. Walk, stroll, glide, and run along a scenic wave path, the best nature has to offer.
  10. Be romantic and rent a horse, a sunset riding experience along the seashore with the one you adore.
  11. Cool off, get wet and get happy. Run into the sea with abandon.
  12. Race the waves with a jet ski.
  13. Ride the waves on a family banana boat ride.
  14. Take your favorite pup for an early morning stroll.
  15. Have breakfast on the beach. Grab your favorite cup of joe, a yummy breakfast burrito or doughnut, and enjoy.
  16. Set your alarm before the sun peeks out of the earth and watch a sunrise.
  17. Grab two chairs, go to the water’s edge, and enjoy a beautiful force of nature that’s been closed for four months wash over your toes. Become a tide watcher.
  18. Grab a Mexican blanket, or buy one off a vendor, and read a book.
  19. Record the sound of the waves and have your own Rocky Point sound machine.
  20. Enjoy the freedom of space, to move, to dance, to play. When the beaches were closed, everybody that visited, crowded into the pools at the different resorts, finally now people have a place and a space to spread out. Go spread out.
  21. There’s enough sand for everyone, spread your blankets 6 to 10 feet apart stick with your own group and you’re good to go. Pick up your trash and breathe in the sea air.
  22. Have a sunset party. Rocky Point is home to the best sea sunsets. Watch the fiery ball drop into the amazing sea. Take a picture.
  23. Get a massage on the beach and pamper yourself.
  24. Play corn hole, baggo, Bocce ball or whatever game you and your family enjoy.
  25. Build a sandcastle and take a picture and share on Instagram #rockypointlocal or Email, and I’ll post it. Next year we will resume the sandcastle building contest.
  26. Kayak, paddle board or raft on the sea.
  27. Take a fishing tour with one of Rocky Point’s fishing charter companies. Fish and be happy.
  28. Float away and let your troubles go with the sea.
  29. Sunbath and enjoy the warm sun and salty air.
  30. Take a siesta on the beach and never take this privilege of sea and sand for granted. The oceans roar is music to the sea. Have sweet sea dreams.

Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.

Stay safe, stay beautiful, enjoy the beach and the sea. Meet me where the sky touches the sea.