Mexico in October is a glorious month. The weather is just oh-so perfect, and the stifling heat of the high summer temperatures are blown away to the sea.
Schools close for a week, and those traveling to Rocky Point don’t have to think of sweaters and bonfires for Fall Break–no they can travel down to the Sea of Cortez and still create one last week of summer beach memories– in the middle of October!
The weather in October mimics a perfect summer day without the humidity or soaring temperatures and the water, let’s talk about the water…the water is incredible.
Perfect temperature, perfect color, perfect waves.
It beckons you, sparkling in the sunshine, shiny with diamonds, rocking a lullaby, whispering, “Come in closer”. And you know what? We should get close to the water especially this month. Go run, jump and splash in it before the chilly waters chase us away with a shriek and goosebumps on our skin.
October is gorgeous water time and for that very one reason, if only for that one out of many…we should get out and play in the water this month.
11 ways to play in the water in October
1. Go body surfing or boogie boarding. In the Sea of Cortez, we have little waves (the majority of the time) which make it ideal to float along and glide with the water.
2. Get out on the water. Eco fun is offering day trips to Bird Island. If you have never experienced this trip–(Yes it is a big white rock, with sea lions frolicking about and don’t ask why it’s white)– it’s time you have. Bring your camera for photos of the big brown eyed sea lions batting their eyelashes and the pod of dolphins that may swim next to you on the trip. On a beautiful day, it is a great adventure. Eco fun leaves in the morning stops to snorkel, and their passengers enjoy the day.
3. Take a voyage on a Pirate ship. Well, what are you waiting for matey? You are at the sea, right? This family friendly masted ship, “Rey Del Mar” is a fun cruise for all ages. A little rock and roll, mariachi music and fireworks help create a fun and lively cruise. Tickets sold next to Balboa’s Restaurant at the Marina.
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4. Kayak. Several places in town offer Kayak rentals and a few location options exist. Those who like a little bump, little waves can go out directly from Sandy Beach or for a little calmer ride, try Cholla Bay or the estuaries by Las Conchas.
5. SUP it up. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle board –if you haven’t tried it yet picture a big wide flat surfboard, with you standing balanced perfectly using oars to keep you going. On busy weekends, you can find rentals out front of the condo’s on Sandy Beach.
6. Bounce on a Banana boat. If you are sitting on the beach, balcony or driving by Sandy Beach, you are sure to see a Panga pulling along a yellow banana. Listen closely, you can hear the shouts of laughter bounce off the water as well as the riders bouncing up and down on a banana.
7. Take a ride on a jet ski. For those that like a little speed and motors, rentals are set up along the shore line.
8. Hire out a panga or other fishing vessel and go fishing for the day. On the left-hand side of the road before you get to Old Port you will see boats for hire. Seafari also gives fishing tours and other tours on the water.
9. Grab a few rafts and go out to Cholla Bay and float around for the day. Pull up in front of J.J’s have some food or a few libations and just enjoy the bay that never gets much deeper than 6 ft.
10. Fly like an eagle, try Parasailing. Not necessarily for those afraid of heights, but you start slowly in the water and get pulled up to the sky soaring above the big beautiful mesmerizing Sea of Cortez.
11. Learn a water sport, if Rocky Point is a regular holiday for you, why not take a Kite Boarding, Hobie Cat or sailboat lesson and learn to glide atop the water. Once you are on it, you can always jump in it!

Whatever floats your boat when it comes to playing in the water, take advantage of it this month! Get wet!
Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not.
James Taylor

A note on Boomer Fest Days: The event was canceled due to low ticket sales. However, it is important to remember, a tremendous effort was made to create such an event here in Rocky Point. We have to remember for those of us who want events like this to happen we have to support future festivals and believe in them. Without the support from Rocky Point locals, lovers and consumers an event of this magnitude will never happen.