I first met Janice about four years ago when she arrived in Rocky Point with her little poodle mix Gizmo. Like many Americans, Janice found it was reasonably inexpensive to live in Mexico on her Social Security. She had traveled to many cities in Mexico and decided to make a home here in Rocky Point.

shelter-dog-monthI would see Janice many times over the years – volunteering at every spay clinic and working for free with the local veterinarians. Janice would help anyone in need and has done just that in the years that she has been in Rocky Point. Janice has rescued several dogs and given them a good home. Recently, I discovered that Janice, through no fault of her own, had lost her dogs and had no place to live. When I heard of the situation, I met Janice at a local coffee house and, told her to get her belongings, and took her back to the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point to an empty fifth wheel and moved her in. I am now in the process of trying to help Janice get her dogs back. If anyone out there knows of, or has adopted a small white Poodle mix from another shelter, please give me a call at 383-1012. Janice is 75 years old and has some serious health problems and I would really like to see Gizmo, at least, reunited with her.

On a happier note we are planning a spay clinic in November in Cholla Bay and need to get a head count of animals that need to be fixed. Please call Nancy at 383-1012 or visit Sally at the restaurant, Xochitl’s in Cholla Bay with a head count. It is becoming a serious problem in Cholla Bay and we want to help.

Needs for the animals

We really are in need of kitten dry food and we use Purina kitten in the yellow bag. We also use Friskies Pate or Fancy feast. You can donate through our web site or on our facebook page using Paypal or your credit card. You can also send a check to AACORP at PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. Another good donation would be a gift card from Costco, Petsmart, Petco or Walgreens The animals have lots of needs besides love!! And please feel free to stop by the center and you can give and receive lots of love!
A BIG thank you to all that are sending donations and helping the animals – without your help we could not continue our work.