Puerto Peñasco’s main attraction is undoubtedly its beaches, the horizontal strip where the sea merges with the rocky and sandy shores.

In addition to the coastline for those staying at beachfront hotels and condo complexes along Sandy Beach, there are various spots in Puerto Peñasco where one can enjoy a warm corner of the Sea of Cortez.

Playa Hermosa

One of the most popular beaches is “Playa Hermosa,” which extends from in front of area hotels and toward the condo complexes of Sandy Beach. This stretch of beach traditionally receives the greatest number of tourists, given there are no marked drop-offs or pronounced rocks.

To facilitate access to Playa Hermosa, steps have been built at the spot known as “Los Palacios” next to the first condominium complex of the hotel zone, as well as at the area referred to as “Los Guardados,” the two principal access points. Another entry is along a walkway located between Hotel Peñasco del Sol and Gamma seafood restaurant. Sun shade rental is available along Playa Hermosa.

El Mirador

The area of the Mirador is another coastline offering various access points to the beach. The Mirador also offers a number of hotels and smaller condo complexes, along with RV parks restaurants, cantinas, and mini markets, for visitors. Dozens of families make their way to this rockier shore to enjoy the sea. Here the drop-offs can be more pronounced during low tides and swimming is recommended only when the water is calm. Beach access spots are located along the Mirador and primarily toward the end of the Mirador intersecting with Ave. Sinaloa.

La Cholla

The area known as La Cholla, primarily consisting of U.S. residents, offers a coast frequented by both Mexicans and people from the U.S. given its much calmer waters. Although Cholla Bay is about 6 miles from the urban spread of Puerto Peñasco, a visit to the warm beach stretching from Pelican Point to the boat launch is well worth it. Hidden between the beach homes on the west side of Cholla Bay, one can also make their way down to the rocky landscape of Tucson Beach where families of sea lions often make their ways onto the rocks to relax. The area has local restaurants and markets.

Mi Playa

Dirt roads from off one of the city’s main boulevard lead directly to Mi Playa. This area offers parking and a number of palapas for a fun family afternoon. However, it is recommended children not swim in this spot given stronger currents that can occur in this area. To get to Mi Playa, take the dirt road off Blvd. Fremont and follow the signs. Entrance and exit routes are separate leading in and out of Mi Playa.