Okay. I admit it. This time of year when the percent of humidity is the same number as the temperature reading, Cap’n Greg would rather be out and about interacting with perspiring persons of the same sweaty species than sitting in his air conditioned den watching South Park reruns. Some would assume that’s a character flaw. Some would be in error.

A few days ago I was bellied up to the bar at Manny’s. Not that my belly is that noteworthy, but it did ever so slightly touch the bar when I took a drippy sip. My doctor says my moderate weight gain is due to excessive carbohydrates and sweets, but I think it’s the tacos al pastor at Asadero Viva Mexico and the teeth-chattering cold beers I enjoy at Manny’s.

Anyway, I was visiting with a nice couple from Nebraska, of all places, and long ago they’d heard about Peñasco from friends who live in Tucson. Three years ago in December the foursome had spent a few days here, and they liked it so much they came back as a twosome.

CAP’N GREG: Did you escape your humid summer back home by coming to this humid beach town?

DARYLL: Not at all. We knew what to expect before we got on the plane to Tucson.

JANE: We fell in love with the food and culture. Looked at the pros and cons of buying here. Decided to experience all four seasons before making a decision. This is our fourth visit.

CAP’N GREG: What’s the verdict?

DARYLL: Not a lot of beaches in Nebraska, and the fishing is better than the farm pond at home. We sign the papers on our condo tomorrow.

CAP’N GREG: Congrats, guys. I’d toast your purchase, but I seem to be out of toast.

DARYLL: Let me buy you one.

CAP’N GREG: That’s a refreshing idea.

JANE: Cap’n Greg, you ever cut weeds out of a bean field?

CAP’N GREG: Can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure.

JANE: This heat and humidity doesn’t even compare.

CAP’N GREG: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about buying here?

JANE: Life is too short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Go for it.

CAP’N GREG: Jane, I will certainly drink to that.