As I ponder over 26 years of work and experience in a variety of clinical settings, the most important and valuable advice to many has to be that prevention is often much easier than a cure.

Maybe this is a shift in diet, a change or start in activities, adding some supplements or simply learning to breathe and relax. Everyone is unique and what might work form someone else may not work for you.

A natural and balanced homeostasis is the goal in most treatment situations.

People coming to Rocky Point are often on the right track as this area is gifted with natural Vitamin D3 “sunshine” and there is lots of potential grounding and healing in its beautiful beaches and sea. Many are here on holidays, and laughter/enjoyment are also some of the best and most effective medicines.

Top General Health Advice Points.

Eating right for your blood type. Many do not know their blood type and not much has been taught in our medical schools about this, but I have found this to be so valuable to many and often means some can get off of medications that may have their share of side effects. Muscle testing is something we can all learn to do and sometimes just avoiding one food or drink can have profound long-term benefits.

Essential Vitamins/Supplements.

This list can be long or short depending on the person, but many should look into Vitamin D3, Omegas, Magnesium, B12 and Zinc. These are all easy to take and once again, very few doctors learn much about these, but blood tests often confirm the lack of these in many individuals.

Drinking enough water.

Our bodies are mainly water and if you ever feel thirsty, you are already low. By consuming what our bodies crave, we assist in the many processes that this essential source provides and helps our bodies to heal and flush out damage and waste. At least half a gallon per day, but often more is needed, especially with exercise.

So, enjoy and be Happy, Healthy and Well.

I hope to add monthly advice and would be pleased to answer any questions or assist in your health care goals.

Brian Phillips.