Cover0915I think everyone is very happy that August is over – or almost over if the paper is early. We had some very brutal days with temps reaching the low 100s with humidity in the mid-70s. The weather last month was give and take and mid-month the days were still warm and humid, but bearable and the beach was quite nice in the early morning and at sunset. Keep your fingers crossed that Mother Nature is kind to us in September since she started sending us humidity and heat in May.

It’s actually a good thing August wasn’t so busy because everyone starts to get a little cranky. It still seems to me that we have more summer visitors than we’ve had in the past few years – during these not so ideal months – so let’s hope September stays steady and the town gets a good kick-off for Labor Day Weekend.

So if you haven’t been down in a while, I’m sure you’ve read about all the on-going Home Port construction and the road construction that’s been going on in our paper or on Facebook – and it’s still going on, but Benito Juarez through town is finished which makes getting around a lot easier. The north end of Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez is under construction as of about mid-August and little spots around town are just minor detours. There is a new stop sign at the corner of Calle 13 and Elias Calles (where Sushi Sun is). It’s a 4-way stop, which is nice so one can actually get across Calle 13, but we’ll have to see how much of a traffic back-up it causes. So, be warned and watch for people that don’t stop because the stop sign is fairly new – heck, I even missed it. There is one down the road on Elias Calles, by the SeaSide Reservations office, that has been removed. Half the people stop and half don’t and I’m not sure if it was taken down or is just missing so just beware that some may still stop. Y’all should be used to that by now!!

Home Port AerialAnd you’ve also probably seen our new overpass that is under construction. Making great progress those workers are. It is slated to be completed in October and it looks like they will make it. It is being constructed where the roundabout was and will hopefully alleviate all of those accidents we were having from people trying to get across the highway. As of this writing there are still no big warning signs or flashers letting you know that you will be detouring so just slow down as soon as you crest the last hill before coming into the city (from the U.S.) or as soon as you hit that big orange and white building on the left. You will deter off to the right onto a dirt road and the exit for Laguna Shores, Laguna del Mar and the resorts on Sandy Beach is still on your right just up a ways. You can’t cross over the highway so if you are coming from Sandy Beach (on the ranch road) you will have to go back toward Peñasco for a spell then make a u-turn after the construction( there are signs. You must, right now, go south to go north). It is all pretty easy to see (in the daytime).

Now is definitely the time to visit Peñasco since not only do you get great off-season rates on condos and rooms, but you also get more pesos for your dollar. Not great news for us locals, but good for visitors. The peso/dollar ratio continues to climb and seems to be hoovering right around, or a little above, 16 pesos to $1 USD though some charge 15:1 and the banks and exchange houses will be different every day so be sure to check around for the best rate when exchanging your dollars for pesos. Besides that it is a perfect time to take a trip to Bird Island and snorkel or swim or kayak with the sea lions. The excursion is such a fantastic day trip and much, much cheaper than a ticket to SeaWorld. You are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime and get some great photos.

If you’re here in town on September 25th you will want to head over to our Convention Center to see our Puerto Peñasco’s own Gallo Estrada (World Flyweight Champion) go up against Tyson Marques. There will be 8 different fights and the fun starts at 3:00 PM. If you’re here on the 5th of September, over Labor Day Weekend then you definitely want to get over to the Mermaid Market at the Sonoran Spa for some great fun and wares of all kind. Remember that Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16th with El Grito (September 15th) kicking off the celebration at around 10PM. Look forward to a speech by our newly elected Mayor Ernesto (Kiko) Munro along with lots of food, fireworks and music. The 16th is a National Holiday so the banks and a lot of businesses will be closed. There is some more stuff going on during September so check our Events page and always check our Facebook page.

If you like to plan ahead then don’t forget to get your room reservations for the 15th Annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally which will be the weekend of November 11th.

You may have noticed that the Editorial page has a new look. September is the 2-year anniversary of the passing of our Editor, Tom O’Hare (1941-2013) and Sandy decided it was time to change things up a bit. Tom will remain on the Editorial Page, of course, but the rest of us want our pretty faces included. I’m not sure which photo they are using so either Mario is missing or I’m missing and if it is me then that’s okay because I’m sure they picked the worst photo ever! So, we are sad to change the look of the page, but it’s time and it’s just a page and Tom will most definitely forever be in our hearts.

Hope to see everyone down here at the ocean sometime this month and especially for Labor Day Weekend. Wherever you are spending the holiday weekend be sure to have a super fun and safe holiday.