November was a very busy month for Puerto Peñasco with the Motorcycle Rally, Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, and the 5th Annual PEÑASCAZO 2022 organized by Baja Racing, Miguel and Oscar Palacio and hosted by Playa Bonita Resort where over 250 UTVs showed up to participate in this event that ran from Puerto Peñasco to El Golfo de Santa Clara and back. For this event (as with the Motorcycle Rally) participants came from all over the U.S. and Mexico from states like Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Chihuahua, Baja California, Jalisco, Nuevo León and Sonora and were treated to music, food and fun at Playa Bonita at the end of the run.

Peñasco is usually a bit quieter during December, but we still expect to see a fair amount of tourism traffic and there are still plenty of things going on not to mention the weather is great – sunny all the time though a tad cold in the mornings and evenings. One event not to miss this month is the Cholla Bay Parade of Lights put on by the Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club on December 10th. Everyone is welcome to spectate and/or join in on the fun. Decorate your cars, trucks, UTVs, golf carts, horses, tow trucks, sand rails, boats, etc. with lights, tinsel, bows, garland – whatever you want – and parade through Cholla Bay tossing out candy to the kids along the route. Check our Events Page for more information on how to participate. As of this writing I haven’t heard if there will be a Christmas Boat Parade of Lights, but let’s hope so.

Speaking of Christmas – Feliz Navidad! Lots of parties this month (Posadas) and charity events happening. The Rocky Point Times Newspaper as well as many other local businesses are collecting blankets, jackets, and warm clothing to hand out to needy families and families in the barrios, so now is a great time to do a little winter cleaning and get rid of the warmer clothes you don’t wear: All sizes are needed and welcome and we do accept all donations all year long.

One organization in desperate need of assistance right now is Casa Hogar, the Home for the Elderly. They are in desperate need of everyday supplies like cleaning supplies as well as paper products and they also need groceries, especially fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat is always a treat for the residents. They also accept monetary donations so that they can pay their utility bills and buy other needed items. You are welcome to drop off donations at the Home directly, or you can drop them off at our office. Take a look at our Clubs and Organizations Page for more information about Casa Hogar.

There is only one thing on my Christmas Wish List this year and that is for the city to fix the potholes!!! I can’t believe they weren’t at least half-ass patched before the Motorcycle Rally. They are SOO dangerous and are becoming crater-like on a lot of streets and on the hwy. between the windmills and the intersection at the Islas del Mar turnoff. A lot of people use this route off Hwy. 8 to get to (and from) all of the resorts on Sandy Beach and it is just atrocious and becoming more dangerous as people are driving on the opposite side of the road to avoid the craters. I’m sure everyone would be more than happy to donate a few pesos to get our roads patched…and keep them patched! We’ll keep bothering the city and complaining and hopefully will be heard someday. The RPTimes will be happy to start a collection and pay workers to go fix the potholes!!

On a positive note…some VERY exciting news came down the pipe from Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo stating that six of our ports of entry will be receiving upgrades and Sonoyta and San Luis Rio Colorado will be the first to receive funding. The Sonoyta Aduana/Port of Entry will receive 538 million pesos for modernization that includes multiple lanes going into the U.S. as well as designated SENTRI Lanes and new technology. This will be HUGE, and the drawings look amazing! No more waiting hours and hours on busy weekends to cross and those of us that cross frequently can finally use our SENTRI Cards! Construction is slated to begin this year, so we’ll keep you posted. As of this writing there was no noticeable construction, but our fingers are crossed! That will be a very Merry Christmas gift to all of us. Woohoo!

I just got home from a wonderful tour of Peñasco’s new housing development blue at Las Palomas. Karitza Bojorquez Gutierrez gave Mario, myself and my Uncle Pat a private tour of their newly finished model and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous it was. I’ll admit that I was not a huge fan of the exterior color so that jaded me as to what the insie might look like, but it was fantastic: The features, floorplan and attention to detail are awesome. The patio areas are great and abundant with views of the ocean, a mini pool, comfy couches and even a pizza oven! There’s even a basement and a bathroom next to the pool…it’s the little things. The model is beautifully decorated and made me want to move in immediately. Look for a full write-up and lots of photos in the January edition and in the meantime, call Karitza and go take a tour – you will definitely fall in love. You can reach her at 638-156-2043 or at her office at 638-108-1070 or email I’m not sure if she does tours for everyone, but I would definitely request a private tour with her as your guide because she is so well informed, honest, enthusiastic and super, super nice.

Hope you all have a super December. Feliz Navidad! from all of us here at the Rocky Point Times Newspaper. We’ll see you on the beach in 2023!