The newly appointed consul general for Nogales, Chad P. Cummings, visited Rocky Point last month for the purpose of introducing himself and his agenda for a better line of communication between the residents of Rocky Point and the consulate. My meeting with him was attended by representatives from all over the local media here in Rocky Point. The initial meeting was held at Clinica Santa Fe, with about fifty people attended. Several questions were asked of, and answered by the Consulate General. The concerns ranged from the “Fast and Furious” guns going to the drug cartels, U.S. Travel Warnings, U.S. border entrance to Mexico, and what do we do if a U.S. citizens dies in Mexico, to how the consulate can in general assist U.S. citizens in Mexico.

In reference to Fast and Furious, that is a federal investigation. Travel warning come from the U.S. Government, however Chad will have more input as it relates to Rocky Point, the same applies to border crossing. In the case of death, only a family member with proper I.D. (U.S. driver’s license, passport, etc.) can identify and make arrangements for the deceased. The consulate urges U.S. citizens to notify them in advance when traveling out of the U.S., with their name and emergency contact numbers in order to expedite solving any unforseen problems.

At the City Hall in Rocky Point, from 10am to 2pm every Wednesday, there is a virtual link with the consulate for anyone’s use. U.S. Consulate office hours 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. From Rocky Point dial (01-631) 311-8150 Press 0. Emergency 24hrs (045-631) 318-0723. Consul General (01-631) 313-4797.

Editor’s note: I’m glad to see the Consulate taking an active interest in Rocky Point and thanks to our own Señor Fausto Soto for his service.

There is a lot going on between Rocky Point and Ajo, Arizona this month so be sure to check out our “Events” Page in this edition.

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