MarkP-03Ahhhhh, that is the sound of everyone and anyone who has spent an October day and evening in Rocky Point. The heat is gone, the humidity is lowered, the nights start to get cooler and the wave of happy people coming to our beautiful city keeps rolling on in. October also brings one of the most fun days of the year, October 7th…a certain writer’s birthday from the Rocky Point Times…hmmm…who can that be? Well, I am THRILLED to announce our wildly popular annual ROCKY POINT TIMES PHOTO CONTEST for 2015! The rules are fairly simple yet FUN. Please find your favorite HAPPY HOUR photo from a festive Rocky Point location and simply email it to The photo should depict one of your happiest times somewhere in Rocky Point and simply email them by October 20th. Please include your name, location and date of when the photo was taken…current and older photos are most welcome. This year we have FOUR gift baskets prizes to be awarded the ROCKY POINT TIMES PHOTO CONTEST winners! Our more than gracious sponsors include:

1- Lagunitas Brewing Company (and boy do they put together a fun basket of cheer)

2- Tribal Waters Custom Pools (an amazing pool design and construction company located in Phoenix that I personally have visited)

3- “Your Rocky Point Realtor”, Tom Carr (he recently handled the real estate for 2 of my friends and their comments were all A+)

4- And yours truly, Marco Paliscak of Amerifirst Financial, Inc.


Speaking of Happy Hour, where did this term come from and why is it still so popular today? And, does it really gather us together and make us happy? Well, I for one can answer the latter question…HECK YA, Happy Hour does gather us together for lively entertainment and conversation with our friends. With our without cocktails, it is a socialization event you do NOT want to miss. And, here in Rocky Point with our abundance of cantinas, bars, night clubs, lounges, tiki huts, swim up bars, boats and just the good ole beach, it is HAPPY HOUR every day in Rocky Point!

Happy hour these days is clearly linked to getting slightly intoxicated without spending a lot of pesos, but the term itself comes from American Naval slang in the 1920s following the First World War. A “Happy Hour” was a special time on a ship where sailors engaged in various forms of entertainment to relieve the monotonies of the seafaring life. More often than not, this meant wrestling or boxing matches, but it still could include other athletic activities and the main intent was to boost morale. At the same time, the U.S. was going through the darkest and driest period in the history of getting smashed: Prohibition, the failed experiment given legal standing by the infamous Volstead Act. From 1920 to 1933, the manufacture, transport, and sale of intoxicating beverages was prohibited. But instead of abiding by the new law, Americans drank on as heartily as ever, and would gather together in secret speakeasies or at home to consume some amazing illegal cocktails to “become happy” before dinner. “Happy Hour” as an expression was soon picked up to describe these outlawed gatherings.

The happy hour isn’t a universal concept, however. Some American states ban the use of Happy Hour at bars and restaurants but most states, especially in the west, fully condone and honor the tradition. Internationally, the happy hour was banned in Ireland and some other spots around the globe but here in Rocky Point, “Hora de Pistear Cabron” or Happy Hour is a treasured past to share with your buddies to release some steam, catch up with old friends, meet new friends and to let loose your best LAUGH! After all, we are proud to boast one of the oldest and wildest of the Happy Hour men as one of our own, Al Capone!

And good times we do have in Rocky Point. For those of you who caught the Pashley & Amigos live show at South Side Jillz in June, our wait is no longer. They are returning for another gig at the same venue at Jillz on Saturday, November 7th from 8-11. Pashley & Amigos is a fun-filled party band playing all of your favorite current and yeste- year songs. The place is sure to be filled again with party-going revelers. I for one, cannot wait to see you there! So gather your friends and get ready for many amazing…HAPPY HOURS!

So, break out those photos and remember the ROCKY POINT PHOTO CONTEST deadline is October 20th. May the happiest of Happy Hours fall upon you in the coming month and please remember to save your clothing, blankets and shoes and email me at to arrange for the pickup of your donations to those in need right here in Rocky Point. YOU alone can and do make a difference! GOD BLESS and see you at the beach! ADIOS AMIGOS!