Mayor Elect welcomes Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently visited Puerto Peñasco, where they had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Elect Ernesto “Kiko” Munro and learn of his goal to strengthen ties with Arizona in promoting business, tourism, and real estate development across the municipality during his term (which begins Sept. 16th).

Accompanied by numerous members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber, which includes more than 1100 members and extends to other parts of Southern Arizona, TCHH President Lea Marquez Peterson was visibly pleased with the visit to Puerto Peñasco, which also included a tour to construction on the HomePort as well as the facilities of the Mar de Cortés International Airport.

On Thursday, August 13th, Mayor Elect Kiko Munro led a session with members of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with additional guests that included Scottsdale Mayor W.J. Lane, Prescott Mayor and frequent Puerto Peñasco resident Marlin Kuykendall, State Employment Institute Director Juan Edmundo López Durand, Sebastián Galván Duque in attendance as representative of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, and numerous other investors and business leaders. Additional presentations at the meeting came from representatives from the HomePort, Convention and Visitors Bureau of Puerto Peñasco (OCV), the Mar de Cortés International Airport, board members from the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), and the President of the local AMPI chapter (Mexican Association of Professional Realtors), among others.

During the meeting, Kiko detailed his plans for the future along with strategic projects for economic and social development in five key areas: a comprehensive City Project, Relaunch of the Tourism Real Estate Market, Infrastructure with a focus on Productivity, Administrative Reform, and Active Citizens’ Participation.

While the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was in town, President Lea Marquez Peterson also had the opportunity to meet with local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) President Guillermo Muñoz Fierro who together signed an agreement between the two organizations that will allow for an Exchange between members of the two Chambers of Commerce. This agreement also aims to provide an exchange of business experiences, such as special promotional programs and cooperation with procedural work.


Kiko Munro 01

Kiko Munro encabezó la reunión con la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Tucson

Kiko Munro 02

El Alcalde Electo expuso los planes y proyectos estratégicos para el desarrollo económico contemplados en su gestión de gobierno 2015-2016.

Photo: Comunicación Kiko Press Release

Kiko Munro 03

Photo: CANACO Puerto Peñasco