Doves are unusual animals. They seem to epitomize the classic example of being “all beauty and no brains.” If it wasn’t for their prolific ability to reproduce several times a season, it’s doubtful the species could survive by wits alone.

As an example, there are multiple dove nests tucked into various trees, flower pots, under carport eves and other assorted locations around my home. In addition to the plethora of winged creatures orbiting my casa daily, hordes of cotton-tail rabbits have also lay siege to the neighborhood, munching on every green appetizing treat available. With the recent invasion of birds and rabbits, the place could probably qualify as a wildlife sanctuary.

Of particular interest is a lone mother Dove who seems to have the instincts of a mountain goat. Precariously perched on the thorny side of a palm tree, the little lady decided the perilous location was the perfect place to construct her nest and, for whatever reasons, preferable to a 30 foot tall pine just a few feet away. Why, who knows? Maybe she shuns company, since there is no room to accommodate visitors.

Or, maybe she’s really an engineering genius. In spite of buffeting gusts and pounding rains from summer storms, her home remains firmly anchored to the jagged palm branch stubs. The same can’t be said for several of her relatives whose nests were blown to smithereens by near gale force winds. During the Aug. 11 monsoon blast, she simply hunkered down and rode out the storm like a seasoned pro.

When the kids arrive I hope they don’t stray too far from their house or they may suddenly meet St. Peter sooner than expected!