After laying eggs, turtle covers nest and returns to sea

A group of tourists in Puerto Peñasco alerted municipal authorities on Thursday morning, July 3rd, of a sea turtle who had made her way out of the Sea of Cortez and onto the beach to lay eggs, before returning to the sea. The turtle appeared in front of the condo area along Sandy Beach to begin the egg laying process before then covering up the nest and returning to its natural habitat.

Members of the local police arrived at the spot, who then roped off the nesting area in order to prevent illegal removal of the eggs until inspectors from the Federal Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) can arrive from Hermosillo.

Based on photos and video, the PROFEPA inspectors will determine the characteristics of the sea turtle, as well as the number of eggs deposited. Once this work is complete, PROFEPA staff will keep watch over the turtle egg nest in upholding environmental law.

In addition to the visiting family who alerted police, various tourists walking along the beach were also witnesses to this much unexpected sight. All waited while the turtle finished laying her eggs, and then returned to sea.

Studies show the coasts along the California peninsula and Gulf of California are home to five of the seven species of sea turtles in the world: leatherback sea turtle, olive/pacific ridley, green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle (caguama), and hawksbill sea turtle.