In a world that revolves around our families and our friends we find that charity begins in the heart.
I would like to tell a story of such kindness. In Puerto Peñasco there are many things going on that we don’t know about, and I will admit I am as guilty as the next person.
In July of 2012, my wife Nancy’s family visited us for 10 days. They fell in love with Peñasco and the people and can’t wait to get down here again. Son-in-law, Larry Meyer, was sitting on our deck and asked me what he could do for the people.
He is very involved with his 3 kids and their sports endeavors and he gets right out on the field and helps the coaches. Sports include: softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and football. He is also on the school board of the Exeter school district (a little town in Missouri.)
I asked if they ever have any sports equipment the school wouldn’t use anymore and he said could he check on it.

When the school districts met for their annual get-together he said his “pitch” for the kids of Peñasco. Over a period of a year, he and his wife, Brianna, collected some equipment and boxed it to send here to us. I would like to make this clear that the equipment was donated by the Exeter School District of Missouri, to the American Legion.


The saga begins. Trying to be legal bringing it across the border was not a simple task. Many hours were spent with the Peñasco Sports Department to get a letter explaining what we were doing. We picked the equipment up (4 big boxes) at the Lukeville Post Office and got the “Green Light” so we sailed right on through the border.

At this time I am sorting through the boxes and I see 5 catcher’s helmets and masks, catchers body padding, 11 ball gloves, 14 bats, approx 50 balls, and several helmets, baseball caps, shoes and a couple uniforms. Some of the equipment has never been used!

Let the games begin!

We would like to thank the Exeter, Mo, R-V1 School district, Larry Meyer: Director Brianna Meyer: Co-Director

and all the community based volunteers for all the work that went into this project. Last Chance Bazaar, in Peñasco, also donated 6 bats and 20 balls.

On October 1st, some of the American Legion members and Commander Paul Raddatz joined Mark and Barbara Olszewski, of the Adopt-A-School Program, who led us to a new school in the Barrio. After bouncing our way along the back roads we finally arrived. The kids were ecstatic and could hardly wait to get the equipment.

It made my heart feel good to see the smiles on their faces. God blesses all the little children.

Thank you, Mark and Barbara for helping us!

Donations to the American Legion for future projects and for the Adopt-A-School program are always accepted.