Even though we are still in 2013 (provided the paper is out early), 2014 is fast upon us and it has been a very productive and exciting year for Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico and a sad one for the Rocky Point Times Newspaper. But the good news is that great things are to come to both in this New Year.

Rocky Point has definitely made some great strides this year with the paving of streets, opening of our new Convention Center, which is certain to attract many new people to our fine city, and the start of our Cruise Ship Home Port. Now if we can just get the street signs and stop signs replaced…life would be grand.

Last year was an even better year for Rocky Point than the one before: rooms filled to capacity on many occasions which meant more tourism; lots of new businesses opening around town and many refacing or sprucing up their looks; home, condo and fractional sales on the rise; the city and local businesses doing more advertising in our target market areas; and a steady stream of airline flights to and from Hermosillo, Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada. And that’s in addition to the things I mentioned above, that the city is doing. Cholla Road is now paved past the Convention Center and I see that the road is once again being used, which is great for the “Rodeo Drive” vendors. Calle 13 is almost done with its makeover and Benito Juarez is finally getting repaved from the Stadium at No. Releccion north to Uticlio Amador (just before Dominoes). Oh, and we didn’t seem to get slammed too much in the U.S. Press this past year, which is always a good thing. Perhaps we will never reach the status of the early 2000s, but we are definitely becoming a better and more beautiful city for residents and visitors alike.

Something to mention coming up is the January Jam at JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay with Roger Clyne. This is always a fun event and sells out quickly as space is limited so delay no longer. I am confident this will be a year of many exciting events so check our Facebook Page, the events in the paper and this Editorial and make your plans early.

As for the Rocky Point Times Newspaper – we are still plugging away and this will be a year of firsts and new things for us and you, our reader, even though we are now entering into our 22nd YEAR!! of publishing. Sandy will be in the office more and she is trying to drag me in as well, so you’ll most likely be seeing us around town a lot more. I suggested to Sandy that she should remain Managing Editor and I become Editor because, let’s face it, my stories are much more entertaining (let’s not judge me just yet okay?). It should be an exciting and interesting year to come for all of us and we hope to keep doing great things with the paper and our ever expanding social media and website. So thanks to all of our faithful readers and friends who have helped us through many tough times, this past year being the worst. But onto bigger and better things (and now that Mom actually knows what a website and social media are I am confident the paper will reach new heights.)

A shameless plug for something I thought was really cool – SeaSide Reservations Owner’s App. Steve Schwab, owner has gone above and beyond once again and created a mobile app for his owner’s that is phenomenal. If you rent your home or condo through SeaSide then check out their ad on the inside front cover and download the app. He has created another one for Rocky Point that I will be checking out next month and writing a story about – it’s pretty cool too.

And for Mom’s shameless plus it’s Bryan’s Sports Bar Prime Rib on Friday night for $11.99. She says she has heard it is excellent – best that Sonoran Beef has to offer. Get there early because it’s so good they run out, and don’t forget to use the 50% off coupon @ La Casa del Capitan, as they are still offering it for January.

Years ago we used to have our readers write in with their restaurant picks. I think it was when I stopped doing the “Eats” or maybe in addition to – anyhow, we would like to ask our readers to do the same since there are so many new places popping up. I don’t think we have to limit it to restaurants either because let’s face it, a lot of us like to drink as well so let’s include bars also. Write a story about your favorite place to eat in Rocky Point and send it, along with photos of the food, to Alicia at rockypointtimes@yahoo.com or bring it into the office. Photos of the business would be great too. Include as many details as you can like the owner’s name and perhaps the staff, days and hours open, what you liked best and prices as well. Your story will benefit all of our readers so thank you in advance. Sandy has said that she plans to go out and eat ALOT when she is in Rocky Point so maybe we will get her to write an “Eats” column.

In closing us here at the Rocky Point Times Newspaper hope you have all had a wonderful, fun and safe New Years Eve and will have an even better 2014. Happy New Year to all.