This is a story of a little trip from Rocky Point Mexico to Grand Rapids, MI. It started July 9th when I drove pulling my 28 ft. trailer to Tucson. I got to the military check point just before the border. I always get stopped and so I did this time as well. A side note to this: Mexico laws state no firearms for the Gringo’s, and I believe it carries a $10,000 fine and prison time. The Mexican Military man opened the passenger door and one in the trailer. He opened my console, and low and behold there was my gun. His eyes got big and he looked from me to the gun. I pointed to the gun and told him it was for protection and he replied no, not good for protection. I looked him straight in the big eyes and explained, “BB gun and if someone is coming for me I would shoot him in the eye, and if that didn’t stop him shoot him in the other eye”. He busted out laughing and said to go ahead.

Off to Tucson, where I picked up my son in law to help me drive. Just a little way out of Tucson he wanted to drive because I was scaring him to death. That was just fine with me. We stopped for the night in San Maria and then headed for Oklahoma City the next morning.

I ordered 4 new tires for the trailer, and when they came in, we found out they were the wrong size. My Mexican friend traded my new ones from another trailer that were supposed to be new, but we found out they were made in 2014. Okay, now we start having fun. When we got to Albuquerque, NM we had our first blowout on the trailer. I have AAA so I called and told them I needed a spare put on and they sent out a guy to air up the tire. He said he wasn’t being paid to change the tire, but we begged him to do it, and he did, and we gave him a good tip.

We got back on the road and spent the night in Santa Maria, NM. Must have been a fluke after all it was a new a tire? Again, we hit the road to Grand Rapids, MI. Without a spare, we headed for Oklahoma City and 40 miles from there we had another blowout on the trailer. Called AAA again and explained our problem. No problem someone would be there within an hour. Sure enough, a service man came and refused to change the tire. It was a good thing Bob was there as he had a shop in Denver, and he got the tire changed.

I had brought along 2 one-gallon gas cans and one had gas and the other had water. The gas gauge was almost on empty so I told Bob we should put the gas in the tank. I told him the gas was next to the side and water in the middle. Now, close your eyes and I bet you can guess what happened. One gallon of water in the gas tank. Truck wouldn’t run at all. Another call to AAA with instructions that I needed a tow because there was water in the gas tank. They sent 2 different people out with cans of gas. Called again and same old – they will be there in an hour. By now it was getting dark and we had been sitting alongside of the freeway with big trucks flying by for 9 ½ hours. Finally, a tow truck with a flatbed on the back showed up and he got the pickup on the truck and the trailer hooked up and away we go to his home town where he dropped us off on Napa Auto Parts property and it was a stiff drink and sleep.

The next morning, we went in the store and explained what was going on and they proved to be just wonderful. Bob had a repair shop in Denver, so he was able to get the water out, and after a whole day we struck out again. By now we were so mad that we started laughing. We couldn’t do anything else, which made us laugh all the more. It wasn’t Bob’s fault because he is hard of hearing and just picked up the can and poured.

We got to Oklahoma City and went to Discount Tire where I put all new tires on the trailer and spare. Downright sure they were new. I sold the trailer when we got to Grand Rapids not taking a chance something else would happen. Here is the kicker; the people that bought it were going to take it down to Rocky Point, Mexico where I just came from to put it in storage so they could use it when they visited Mexico.

As always, thank you for reading my articles and you can find more by Googling Rob Baylor Rocky Point.