Each day I wake up I have a big decision to make. What should I do today? There are so many things to do it is tough.

The sun is shining 97 % of the time and the Sea is so blue. I get my coffee and sit on my patio and watch the Osprey in their nest. They had 2 chicks that we watched grow and take their first flight. Mom and Dad would take turns flying out of the nest to go get a fish from the sea and bring it back to feed the chicks. This is a constant job for them, all day long back and forth.

Coffee is gone so now what should I do? Kinda getting hungry so I have to make another decision. Where and what to do about breakfast. The restaurants are plenty and they are all good and different. Do I want an all you can eat Buffet or should I get a burrito or taco? The corner taco stands are regulated by the health department so I am not worried about eating at one of them. I could sit here all day and list the different places we like to go but I am sure I would leave someone out and I wouldn’t get anything to eat there.

When we moved here in 2011 we made it a point to try them all to see where we like. We are still doing that. There are restaurants on the beach that you can get a waker upper bloody mary or your favorite beer to sip while you wait for your food and watch the people having fun in the water. Or downtown where you can see the people going about their business. People watching is a favorite pastime for me.

Well I’m full now so another decision. The social circles welcome everyone to join and be it cards, or dominos, or craft making. You pick, get to meet new people that soon become your friends and now you are invited to parties of all kinds. Need a ride? No problem someone will get you where you want to go. Taxis are inexpensive at around $2.00 anywhere in town. This is a good option if you have enjoyed a couple Indio Beers too many. Call a taxi and be safe. It is cheap.

After all the stress of the morning I need a nap, but it is lunch time. Here we go again. Guess the nap will have to wait. What is for lunch? Maybe oysters on the half shell at the oyster farm just outside of town. The open them fresh out of the water and down they go, with a sip of beer. Can’t get any better than this and all for $5.00 a dozen! Wow I can eat a lot of them at that price. When I am full call a taxi and they will come get you and take you home but you have to tuck yourself in bed for your afternoon nap.

Holy Buckets it is dinner time already? No napy? Come to think about it there is a new restaurant that we wanted to check out. Eventually I’m going to get my nap but it will be awhile because we are sitting on our patio watching the beautiful sunset (which is every night) and having a night cap looking at the millions of stars and making decisions about tomorrow. Now finally bed time.

Good night and happy decision making. Don’t get stuck in a rut. There are lots of decisions to make. You won’t get bored. Welcome to the good life in Rocky Point Mexico