Blessed-1As I look at my life I realize that I am blessed. I live in a place that has everything that I could ever want, albeit no malls to shop in (I hate malls), no freeways clogged bumper to bumper and no hurry.

All I have to worry about is where I am going to have lunch and what I am going to do today. There is so many choices. Do I go to the beach, go fishing, or just sit home and have a Corona? Oh and there is Mexican Train Dominos, Left Right Center, cards, or sit home and have a Corona. Some times the Corona wins out.

There are so many places to eat it sometimes gives me a headache trying to decide. Fish tacos, burritos, chicken, oh man I’m starting to plan tomorrow already.

To those of you that are new to Puerto Peñasco, you can safely eat at the street venders. I have tried a lot of them and the only thing that has happened to me is I have gained weight.

We meet at Playa Bonita on Tuesdays at noon for dominos, at the American Legion Thursdays at 2pm for left right center, and there are card games at Play Bonita on Mondays. New comers are welcome, we can teach you.

If you want to go to a bar on the beach and people watch try the Pitaya. For lunch Yummy Salads has a wonderful menu of soups and salads. Dolce Vita is also a good choice. These are a FEW of the places that I like. I guess you could start at one end of town and pick and try although it will take awhile. There are new ones opening daily and I need to fill up the car with gas and get started.

The Tequila Factory is a place you need a designated driver as you can sample many different types of Tequilas. Might make you a little dizzy.

The Malecón has a bunch of bars, eating establishments, smoke shops, fish markets, and souvenirs.

If you are interested in buying property there are a lot of licensed real estate agents who can help you. Long-term rentals are available also.

So you can see that I get so bored with nothing to do. Guess I will have another Corona.

So you all come down ya hear!!!!