April brought beautiful weather and also the most unusual guests: our first family to come from New Zealand, it’s hard to imagine someone coming from all across the globe to visit Rocky Point, the logistics of flying, renting a car and driving across borders didn’t turn them off, they were on a mission to come to our shores and they planned quite ahead. Darren and I we were in touch about renting one of our vacation rentals, he found us through our website, so that world wide web really was worldwide, we emailed back and forth for a while before they actually committed to the trip, I was worried about them renting a car in USA and having trouble crossing the border, We have had a few tenants cancel last minute due to this issue, and I informed him so, since it wasn’t a holiday or any particular event in town I thought it was safe if Darren waited until his plans firmed up a bit, finally after deciding which was the best way to book he sent me a PayPal, again technology working to convert his New Zealand dollar into US dollars and then safely into my account, I remember the times when I had a travel agent, he even took care of our visas plane tickets and hotels, now you can book a room from your phone and pay with PayPal all across the world, I wonder if travel agencies are still in business with this trips at our fingertips, when we can connect so easily.

The family lives on the southernmost part of New Zealand in the city of Invercargill, they flew from New Zealand to Los Angeles, Ca. Their first stop in the American continent was Disneyland, after enjoying a few days of amusement park rides, shows and fast food they started the trip to Rocky Point or more appropriately: Puerto Peñasco, for which they decided it was best to rent a car in Tijuana, so cross the border on foot, rent a car close to the border and drive all on the Mexican highway that includes a very winding road through the desert rocky mountain called “La Rumorosa” with very steep grades and many days of high winds it’s not for the faint of heart.

The adventurous family arrived to Peñasco, safely and energetic after their super long voyage to enjoy a week of relaxation by the shores of the sea of Cortez. I am glad to report they did not regret coming from so far, they visited the craters at Pinacate (twice) they enjoyed relaxing at the pool in the Baja Cantina and the swim up bar almost every day of their stay, one of the favorite things for Amelia was learning to speak Spanish to the very kind people (In her own words), they loved the beautiful house we provided for their stay, the non-stop movies with Netflix, and of course the warmth (they visited us while we had some perfect April days one of the best times to visit Rocky Point before it gets humid and hot).

They loved the food and ate shrimp until they couldn’t eat anymore! The young couple enjoyed the relaxation and rest, They even extended their stay a few days from their original booking and were sad to leave, William spent his birthday in Puerto Peñasco and they bought a piñata to celebrate, we also arranged for a horse ride on the beach and brought our own horses to ride with them. Both kids are very polite and sweet, and the entire family was a pleasure to meet, and be with, and their accents so sweet and melodic. We were glad to have them as guests and now we have some friends in New Zealand. Darren and Julie are a very energetic and adventurous young couple, and their kids Amelia and William are very sweet and well behaved, we hope they tell their friends in New Zealand that they enjoyed their visit and soon we will have more interesting international visitors to our beautiful shores.

See you at the beach!