This is a good one folks, recommended by one of our very own accomplished poets in our writing group, July Westhale. July is a stellar member of our group, often setting us writing exercises to keep us challenged.

I am presenting then Kim Addonizio, poet, author, teacher and a graduate of my alma mater San Francisco State University.

Addonizio once told Contemporary Authors: “Writing is an ongoing fascination and challenge, as well as being the only form of spirituality I can consistently practice. I started as a poet and will always return to poetry—both reading and writing it—for that sense of deep discovery and communion I find there. There are only two useful rules I can think of for aspiring writers: learn your craft, and persist. The rest, as Henry James said, is the madness of art.”


My Heart

That Mississippi chicken shack.

That initial-scarred tabletop,

that tiny little dance floor to the left of the band.

That kiosk at the mall selling caramels and kitsch.

That tollbooth with its white-plastic-gloved worker

handing you your change.

That phone booth with the receiver ripped out.

That dressing room in the fetish boutique,

those curtains and mirrors.

That funhouse, that horror, that soundtrack of screams.

That putti-filled heaven raining gilt from the ceiling.

That haven for truckers, that bottomless cup.

That biome. That wilderness preserve.

That landing strip with no runway lights

where you are aiming your plane,

imagining a voice in the tower,

imagining a tower.

By Kim Addonizio


She’s not for the faint of heart…but oh so visceral and real. Enjoy and read more of her at

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