Historically, the experience of crossing into Mexico via the Lukeville border crossing has been one of very relaxed regulations and little actual oversight. Over the past few years, they have slowly began enforcing some of the regulations more strictly. A couple years ago, they added an agriculture inspector subsequently prohibiting certain foods, certain types of dog food, plants, potting soils, and other items which were prohibited but previously overlooked.

The latest change seems to be the need for a boat permit in order to cross with your boat in tow. You will need to get a Temporary Vessel Import Permit. They will also ask for the original and a copy of the boat registration, your passport, driver’s license and title to your vehicle. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain the permit in person at the Lukeville crossing. The easiest way to obtain the permit in advance is on the website, Sport Fishing Mexico Click the “Customs” tab on the upper right of the page and follow the instructions.

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