Dog days of summer are upon us. Please everyone, make sure that all your animals have plenty of water during the summer months. I always carry a large bottle of water and a bowl in my car for dogs on the street. Thank you to all the folks that help feed the many street dogs and cats in Rocky Point. It is so much better now than it was when we started over 15 years ago. It is an ongoing problem but every little bit helps. Saving one animal makes a world of difference to that animal.
Many of the locals are now helping the animals and several new rescues have started and many groups are fostering and adopting out the puppies, kittens, cats and dogs. It is good to see the changes in the city.
We have several dogs that are ready for adoption. Fawn is ready and is pictured with her new buddy Jorge. Both blonds and they do get along with the cats. Fawn was found over near Ley supermarket.
She had just lost her puppies and was close to starving. She has been here now for several months and is doing very well. Her buddy was found in the street covered with Mange and scared to death. He has been treated and both are so lovable and looking for new homes. Lady is a cocker mix, she is blond and has longer hair. She loves other dogs and kittens. She is very playful and, of course, they have been spayed and have their vaccines.
Harley was found on Fremont a few years ago. Harley is such a character. He loves other dogs as long as they are female. He is very protective. Harley is a Border Collie and will make someone a great pet.
Princess is one of many cats that are at the center. Please call for an appointment and come visit and adopt one or two grown lovable cats.
My contact lens fell out and it was my last one. Unable to see, I am going to add more photos to this article and fewer words
Happy Father’s day to all the Dads and everyone have a wonderful month…until next month.
Needs are bleach, beds, cleaning products, toys and of course food. We are feeding the dog’s grain-free food, due to a few allergies. Kirkland grain-free can be purchased at Weltons here in Rocky Point.
Big Hugs to all that help the animals!