May Day, May Day. I’m not in trouble yet just saying May is here and we see an exodus of the Snowbirds. It is starting to get nice and warm, Breezy but warm. The Sea water seems to be colder but that is because of the ambient temperature.
The fish move out to cooler water, the whales leave and we are left with our umbrellas and cocktails or beer to get us through until it cools off. THEN, gee I wish it would warm up. It’s a big vicious cycle.
While you are here you might as well enjoy what God has given us. Tecate, Corona, or your preference. Listen to some good music, watch the younger generation frolic on the beach. Then into town to visit your favorite restaurant for the special of the evening.
We went to Spain several years ago and when I turned the radio on the music resembled German Polka music. I didn’t realize what real Spanish music was. Here in Peñasco we have 106.1 which plays some American songs, and 92.5 which caters to the Gringos. They are both FM stations. Good music. When you come across the border you can pick up 106.1. When you get to town, tune into 92.5. I haven’t tried to get Spanish TV yet. I understand quite a few words in Spanish but I get lost easy.
If you haven’t tried fishing here, go down to the marina on the way to the Malecon about 7am and talk to the different Capitans and charter a 5 hour trip. Cost will be from $40-$60 and they provide everything. If you have never been ocean fishing, they will teach you. I have been out about 200 times and still love it. Bring a cooler of beverages, snacks and sandwiches and some plastic bags to put your fish fillets in. It has been reported that the Sea of Cortez is a special fishery because of the different species of fish that spawn here and living in these waters. Sitting in one spot it is possible to catch a hundred fish. Do you know the difference between a sea and an ocean? A sea has a larger salt content.
Thanks for reading my articles. Check it out next month.