Hey everyone we are back on after moving, and a few “Mexican manana’s”. Went fishing for the food fund at the American Legion and we caught around 200fish, so the poor people will have some protein in their diets for thenext 2 weeks. More soon, as we have ssooooo much to do.

Rob and Nancy

Hope this sinks in!! This year, RP has been great–very welcoming as usual. Glad to see more people on the beach and the RV parks fuller. Please, please, people, be willing to spend a little money to help out some of those vendors we’ve known for years. They are truly struggling. Prices are still really reasonable, food and service is great, so ENJOY!!!!!!

John n Charlene

Here Here! Amen, to that!

Dear Rocky Point Times Team,

My family comes to RP about 30 days a year and our first mission is always to pick up a RP Times! We just left after our best spring break trip ever and, thanks to Linda Sharp’s volunteering article in your March 2012 edition, we have started a new tradition we are very excited about – making sandwiches for the families along the railroad tracks. We loved it so much we did it twice during our trip and we are already making plans on what to get the families for our next trip back. My husband, two kids and I served 80 sandwiches, and the smiles and gratitude we received in return moved us beyond words. Thank you so much for your article – our trips to RP are now even better! Over the years, we have made some friends in RP, two of which sell jewelry on Sandy Beach. After talking to Oscar and Leticia, we learned that business was not what it usually was during this time of year due to fear of vacationers of coming over the border. I have friends that see our vacation pictures and hear our fun stories of life in RP, but say they are afraid to come over the border…to them and anyone else thinking the same thing, I say “YOU ARE MISSING OUT.” For what it costs to go to San Diego for 4 days (hotel, food, etc.), you can come to RP for 8 days, rent a 2 bedroom, 2bath condo with a full kitchen, have a much better beach, amazing food and completely unplug (or not if you so choose). And if you are looking for quality time with the family, this is the place – our 7 and 10 year old kids save their money to contribute to more trips here. There are spas, incredible restaurants (shout out to Chef Mickey’s Place for dinner and KAFFEEHAUS for breakfast – the BEST!) and I got a 30 minute massage on the beach for $20. I pinch myself every time I come here and hope to retire here. Thank you for your newspaper – it is an awesome connection to this wonderful town. See you as soon as possible! Warm regards

Jennifer Schoennagel

Jennifer, I will pass this along to our contributing writer, Linda Sharp. I know she will be very happy to read this. Thanks for your letter.


Thanks for passing the compliment along about my article, Sandy! Nice to know. It is really the coolest thing we do, and we don’t have to coordinate “our time” with someone else’s schedule — it’s good from sun up to sun down 365 days a year.

Linda Sharp

Hi Sandra, My granddaughter Rachel (who is now 5). Rachel is one of Rocky Point’s biggest ambassadors, she tells everyone what a great time you can have in RP, on the beach and in town.

Karen Adamski Bethune

Aaaahhh, we need more Rachel’s out there!

Hey Sandra, quick question?

Is there anything to be on look out for when putting money safely into a Mexican Bank here locally?

Any tips on who to use or who to avoid? Are all real reputable?

Kindest Regards: Jason

I interviewed the managers of the individual banks, as I think it’s a personality thing, to work with a bank. All of our banks are reputable, yes.



Dear Mr. O’Hare,

We are hoping to go to Rocky Point this coming month and are concerned about not being able to take any food, etc across with us. Can you please inform us as to what is permitted? We don’t want to load up the RV and then have them fine us at the Mexican border for taking food and drinks that are not allowed. We appreciate any help or information you can give us.

Thank you


Hola, now that we have a health inspection station in Sonoyta (installed maybe 6 months ago) the laws have been enforced more diligently than before…but now for a couple of months, we have not had any complaints or questions about the border crossing with ‘food’. The ‘law’ is NO BEEF, for sure, and we have the best Sonoran beef, right here in Rocky Point! (and cheaper). If you want to bring a chicken or a turkey, ok. They don’t want any dairy products brought across the border. Basically ALL THE LAWS ARE THE SAME AS THE USA, no beef, no dairy, no fruit. You can bring your favorite coffee, sodas, beer, wine, liquor, crackers….. We crossed last time with wine and cheeses from the deli @ a Safeway (small amounts) with no problem.

Exactly WHAT ITEMS were you concerned about?



My daughter and I, and 2 mom’s will be there in Rocky Point in 5 weeks… soooo can’t wait

Charmen Haag


I was wondering what the new signs that are up, on the Hwy coming from Sonota to Rocky point. They are colorful and I believe they say Vivir Mejor? Not 100% sure on the spelling.

The signs definitely are new.

I look foward to you reply!




I just tried to read one as I was driving by, I know it is a State of Sonora government signs.. Live Better in Sonora

What is the water temp these days?

Judy Roads Pickrell

Wet-suit-warm? The storms have cooled off the water in the Sea of Cortez (mid-April) just like in our swimming pools. May will warm up, though!

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Rocky Point Times. Hell, was even featured once. I’ve got to tell you, the Lonesome Lui article in the April issue was touching. No, that’s not a tear, I just got something in my eye.

Ed Waters

I know, I got that same ‘thing’ in my eye, when I proofed his article.


Friday’s FRONT page center titled “IS SONORA REALLY SAFE?” with the condo’s & beach pictured in the background then goes on to half of page 7. It basically is a twisted rap on RP, …. You know same old double talking they have been using to scare people away once they start coming back down & the economy gets little pumped up. They want to rip it away from RP & hurt all the people that live & work down there. We just successfully brought 12 high school & college kids down for Spring break to our house in Cholla. Do you think their parents will let us do that again when they read this article?!!! It’s a shame they even used a picture of the policia with cones in front of the Peñasco del Sol, then used comments about the Feb. 8th travel warning! You need to look it up & pass it around the Rocky Point community so that they can all be ready to combat this when it makes ANOTHER rise to deter the tourists from coming down. We have owned & lived in Cholla Bay for almost 30 yrs, raised 2 daughters- one H.S., one college age there, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. My girls got to run around Cholla & be kids exploring. Now neither can get a friend to come down because of all this B.S. they spread, I just hate how they lump us in with Nogales & Juarez!

Libby Ellis


Hi everyone! Due to the tremendous success of our 5th Horseshoe Tournament, the CBSC decided to put out a:

Cholla Chatter Special Horseshoe Tournament Edition, April 2012. Our sponsors are the best!! Without all of you, we couldn’t have done it! The players LOVED their gifts and the raffle prize winners LOVED their prizes! All of us CBSC Members LOVE our sponsors too!!! The Peñasco Cruz Roja LOVES our sponsors as well! There are pictures from the tournament on our Facebook Page, CBSC Horseshoe Tournament. Unfortunately I couldn’t post the Chatter Edition for all to see on Facebook! Better yet, JOIN the Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club and get every issue of the Cholla Chatter e-mailed to you!! New members get a discount! Thank you again for all your help! Here’s to next year being as successful as this one! I hope you all decide to continue your sponsorship!

Thank you again!

Tammy Hicks

CBSC Board Member