Where are you going this beautiful summer weekend? Have you decided yet? 52 weekends, that’s how many exist in a year. And as the year ticks by, the weekend become a rare commodity. Stop for a moment and decide, how many of those cherished Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s will you be lounging surfside, salt on your skin and warm breezes in your hair? You know toes in the sand, it’s five o’clock somewhere land?

If you shook your head and said I don’t know– don’t stay home another weekend. Let’s examine just how easy it is to get away for a weekend road trip to Mexico.

If you live or can get to Phoenix or Tucson, it’s only a 3 ½ hour drive to the stunning Sea of Cortez. Fuel up your car, grab your favorite friends or family (make sure they have a passport or passport card) and head on down to the seashore. Summertime weekends should be full of beach memories and road trips.

Rocky Point Mexico versus most beach towns offers a special feature; there are more condominiums for rent on a weekend basis than there are hotel rooms. Beautifully decorated second homes of many Arizonians and folks from all over the world who own a second home, rent out their condo so others can enjoy it. For the price of a hotel room (less than the price of a hotel room in Southern California), you can have a beautiful two-bedroom two-bathroom condominium. These home- away from home rentals come complete with a full kitchen, balcony, washer-dryer and a view to die for–all yours for the weekend. If you like to cook, fantastic, bring your food and you never even have to leave the property. But if you’re like me and love the taste of the local cuisine– and the cooking is better when left up to someone else– just bring coffee for the morning, a few snacks to munch on as you watch the beach scene from your balcony and then go out and try a different restaurant for every meal. Rocky Point has plenty of cantina’s, café’s, taco trucks and fine dining establishments.

Recently, on a quick weekend jaunt, I had the opportunity to stay in a two-bedroom two-bath Sonoran Sun property on Sandy Beach. I don’t know if you ever took a vacation where you live, but playing tourist in Rocky Point was amazing.

At this particular resort–and many more are just like it– one could drive down, park their car and never have to leave the property. Sonoran Sun has a fantastic fitness center, and a convenience store that is advantageous. You forgot the ice, no problem. Did you forget beer? Get one before you head to your room. The property also has an excellent restaurant, where I swear; I had the best-grilled chicken salad in Rocky Point and a sports bar to catch the latest sports scores. Of course don’t forget the Aqua bar where you can sit in the water, and someone brings you drinks and food while you’re taking in all the action of the pool.

Lying on the pool deck loungers next to the sands edge was another wonderful way to pass a few hours. Vendors walked back and forth and if you wanted you could go shopping while relaxing in your lounge chair looking at the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Where else in the world does the shopping come to you on a lounge chair? If you didn’t want the vendors, simply move away from the chairs on the sand wall and read your cozy mystery or nap in peace.

In the entertainment category, I give it high marks, especially the “people watching”–I have friends that swear it is a sport. Your eyes will constantly be roaming trying to absorb all the good energy and activity happening on the beach. There’s the red shark (the new alternative to the big yellow banana boat) where a panga boat driver loads up kids and adults of all ages and takes everyone for a bouncing ride on the sea. Yes, folks fall off this long red inflatable innertube, especially if they encourage the boat driver to go fast and make sharp curves. We witnessed a full load of folks on a red shark, and the driver made a sharp turn knocking everybody off in the water. The funny thing is they all got back on and tried to get the boat to flip again.

It’s a constant moving slideshow of images. Horses are happily trotting down the sand; the wheelbarrow pineapple cart man is selling sweet beverages served in freshly scooped out pineapples, and couples are enjoying an outdoor seaside massage under a colorful umbrella. Kids are burying each other up to their necks in the sand and families are lounging under a large square beach umbrella enjoying a cool drink while watching sandcastles constructed at the water’s edge. There are dogs chasing balls, Jet-ski’s, paddle boarders and Hobie cats gliding across the sparkling water. If a picture paints a thousand words, I’m just skimming the surface.

Convinced you need to get to the beach? Here are a few suggestions to plan a perfect weekend road trip to Mexico.

Suggestion #1 take Friday off or at least half a day. It’s not absolutely necessary that you have to take a day vacation but let me tell you, if you can leave work early you will be glad you did. Heading down Thursday night or Friday and then coming back on Sunday is a beautiful weekend away.

Suggestion #2 if you’ve never rented a condo in Rocky Point just give it a try for a weekend. You can go to www.seasidemexico.com and check out all the properties that have condos available for rent. They supply detailed descriptions and photos of each property. Renting a condo, is so much more than a hotel room, it’s like having a beachside property with all the comforts of home.

Suggestion #3 Relax and take it easy, put your toes in the sand, a cool drink in your hand and remember life is good today. Forget the schedules, the places to be, just go with the flow.

Suggestion #4 If your planning on heading down in June, plan to attend the summer music festival “Circus Mexicus” June 11-14th. Voted “Best Rock-n-Roll Road Trip” by the Phoenix New Times, 2009 and #11 on Phoenix Magazine’s 101 Bucket List for things to do before you die, February 2013. This year will feature at least 12 different bands to rock the waves. It’s hard to beat sand, surf and music.

I’ll leave it to Jacques Yves Cousteau to sum it up:

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Happy road tripping!