It’s 2016. Whoa!! What happened to 2015? I don’t know, but it whizzed by fast. Yes, we are entering the sixteenth year of the teen decades, and I happen to think it’s going to be a SWEET year. Sweet sixteen! Can you feel it?
Last year, 2015, was a good teenage year. Fifteen and full of growth and LOTS OF change. In 2015 Rocky Point saw mucho progress with the paving of numerous roads, new businesses opening and a new overpass completed over the road into town. The cruise home port continued to progress after a few delays, and the jutting rock pier has become a future landmark on Sandy Beach as well as the windmill that now turns and provides electricity to the town. All of these improvements are essential to the locals and the tourists. What will sweet 2016 bring? I can hardly wait to find out, but I bet it will be sweet.
If you are a planner and like to get organized in January, why not take out the calendar and plan some vacations to Rocky Point. Here are 16 sweet reasons to plan a trip to Rocky Point in 2016. These 16 weekends are the biggest of the year, so make your reservations now. At least half of these weekends have proven to be sold-out weekends in 2015.
16 sweet reasons (and sweet weekends) to plan a trip to Rocky Point this year:

1. Whale watching- If you haven’t experienced these magnificent mammals up close and personal, maybe it’s time you do. From sailboats to catamaran’s, whale watching cruises are available throughout January, February, and March.

2. Valentine’s Day- Nothing says I love you like surprising your loved one with a romantic weekend at the beach. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday. As the date gets closer, check out the list of restaurants in the RP Times that will be hosting Valentine’s dinner specials.

3. Spring Break 2016- Whether ASU, UVA, NAU or in high school, March- 5-19th will be the hot rental time for Spring Break. Live Music, fun events, and beautiful weather will be abundant!

4. Semana Santa- March 20, 2016, until Easter March 27, 2016, will be Holy Week and the town will be sold out! Make your reservations now to celebrate all the festivities with your loved ones. The town will be packed full of excitement.

5. Mother’s Day- Don’t forget your mom! She loves the beach just as much as you. Surprise her with a Mother’s Day weekend at the beach. The weather is absolutely stunning in May.

6. Memorial Day at the Beach- It’s a great weekend for sun, sand and vacation. Plan now, it is sure to be another sold-out weekend.

7. Graduation Celebration – Senior week at the beach is a popular time for beach lovers. Whether it’s a high school commemoration with the family or college celebration, the water is beautiful, and the weather is incredible.

8. Father’s Day- Take Dad fishing on the Sea of Cortez, or surprise him with an ultralight ride. He’s your dad, do something special. A weekend at the beach is certain to create precious memories.

9. 2016 Roger Clyne Circus Mexicus – This fun event in June brings in thousands of rock and roll music fans. Last year it was a 3-day music packed weekend with a variety of bands playing all over Sandy Beach and Rocky Point. June 9 & 10, 2016.

10. 4th of July- It may be an American holiday, but nothing says independence like a great beach weekend.

11. Labor Day Weekend- another long weekend to be a beach bum before summer is officially over. It’s a hot weekend, but nothing the Sea of Cortez can’t cool down.

12. Fall Break- It’s called a break because that’s what you need. Lucky for you there is a perfect place to go for a week in October. The two middle weeks of the month, schools have their breaks, plan now and book a week at the beach. You will be ready for this break come October (and yes it will be sweet!)

13. 16th Annual Rocky Point Rally- in 2015 there were over 7500 bikes in town and thousands more just people-watching and painting the town red. Make plans now to visit November 10th-13th.

14. Thanksgiving – Turkey day in Peñasco is a tradition for many families. Rent a condo, a house on the beach and have your turkey seaside. (Or skip the turkey and try roasted Rocky Point Shrimp, it won’t disappoint).

15. Christmas- It’s a wonderful time of the year to be somewhere sunny and warm. Especially, when everyone else is shoveling the snow and freezing. Holidays at the beach are pretty perfect. Try to book a beach vacation anywhere else in the world this time and you will pay triple price. We don’t overcharge at the Sea of Cortez.

16. New Years Eve-Celebrate the last moments of the sweet year of 2016 with the sun upon your face and the waves rolling in on the sand. It’s a great way to start 2017!

Perhaps, you have tried a few of these busy weekends, thought about a few or never even considered it. Break out of the box this year, and try something new. If the Cruise Home Port becomes a reality, you might want to plan now before the cruise ship crowds hit!!

Rip this article out, tack it on your fridge or bulletin board and keep it handy. These are the weekends Rocky Point rocks! And, if you like the quieter times use this as a guide when not to book your weekends. Your choice– we have weekends to meet everyone’s needs. The bottom line… time flies by fast, and the speed seems to keep picking up, so make a plan for 2016. You can thank me later!

Happy New Year- it’s going to be a sweet one!

Anita Kaltenbaugh is the Mexico travel examiner at and author of the book “Travel Secrets- Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations” available on Watch for her debut fiction novel, “A Deep Thing” being released in Summer 2016 by The Wild Rose Press.

Anita Kaltenbaugh is the Mexico travel examiner at and author of the book “Travel Secrets- Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations” available on Watch for her debut fiction novel, “A Deep Thing” being released in Summer 2016 by The Wild Rose Press.