Photos by Marcia Brockmeyer

Did you know there is a free aquatic zoo located in the Sea of Cortez? Really, you ask? What are the hours? Where is it located?
You’ll be happy to know it’s everywhere you see that sparkling blue water, and it’s open 24/7. All it takes to visit is a ride on a boat. A cruise on the water. It doesn’t matter what type of watercraft you use to see them. Boat rentals are plentiful in town, but if kayaking is more your thing, then get your kayak out there. Stand up paddle board? If you don’t have one, try a rental and test it out. Even a boogie board or an inflatable raft could do the trick. Jet ski’s, banana boat and even parasailing can spot the beautiful creatures of the sea.
The message: GET ON THE WATER.
Jacques Cousteau didn’t name the Sea of Cortez “the World’s Aquarium,” for no reason. Our beautiful Sea in Rocky Point is teeming with more varieties of sea life than anywhere else in the world. Imagine that! And, lately, the sea life has never been more active.
Fin whales, humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions and even a spotted Orca have been frolicking around in the sea. It’s nothing new; they’ve been there for centuries.
Our spectacular whale season might have come and gone for now, but they will be back. The Dolphins? Well, that’s a different story. These flipping, dancing creatures love our little portion of the Sea of Cortez year-round, and they love to put on a show for locals and visitors.
On a recent boat trip with my husband, sister, brother -in-law and mother from Pennsylvania, we wished for some fantastic active sea life. The majestic waters did not disappoint. Our 25’ boat ran into a superpod of dolphins.
A superpod is when hundreds of dolphins are traveling together. I like to think of it as a festival where there are crowds of folks squeezed together to celebrate. This group is full of dolphins.
Stunned, we found ourselves surrounded by dolphins, racing alongside the boat and leaping into the air. They numbered in the hundreds, possibly the thousands. Like watching a stampede, sometimes they came together and other times it was like someone fired a gun at the beginning of a marathon. We were in disbelief. It was beautiful and emotional as we cheered them on.
Scientists aren’t sure why they gather in these superpods or even megapods. Some researchers attribute it to the abundance of food, and other say it could be something with mating. Apparently, sex brings a crowd as they spread their genes, or it could be fear. But our pod seemed too happy to be of fear in anything.—it was definitely a playing or loving group.
As you gazed in both directions, a line of dolphins leaping brought joy to our hearts. Research states, usually the fast one are the one’s you can visually spot. Imagine the number of slower ones we couldn’t see, taking it easy below the surface. It was a sight I will never forget, and I hope to see another next time on the water; an encore would be fantastic.
To experience a sea creature exhibit, check out a few of the local operators in town. They would be happy to take you to the show:
Here are a few operators that offer boat charters and ways to get on the water.
Santiago Ocean Charters- Santiago Ocean Services has been around Rocky Point for at least sixteen years. Esther Donaldson of Santiago’s Ocean Services said, “We have been in business here for over sixteen years, some say eighteen years, but I forgot I’m having so much fun.” They offer fishing charter, bird island tours, sunset cruises and whale watching in Rocky Point. Check out their website
Del Mar Charters- Sailing in Rocky Point, Sunset Cruise, Bird Island Trip, Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Snorkeling and Kayaking-Del Mar Charters offers a variety of boating experiences to enhance your Puerto Peñasco, Mexico vacation!
Ecofun – Provides boat tours, Sea Doos, Fishing, Kayaks, Banana Boat, UTV’s, Bicycles, Paddle Boards, Boogie Boards, Aquatic Trikes, Walking on water experience(water bubbles), Bungee Trampoline, V-Flyer Trampoline, rock climbing walls, and beach tennis.
Pancho Villa Boat Charters Offering fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling or a sunset cruise on the beautiful Sea of Cortez.
Rocky Point SUP- SUP rentals and lessons. Contact Facebook /Rocky Point Paddle Board
Intrepid- Dinner Cruise fun located near the docks.
Rey Del Mar- Pirate ship cruise, fun for the whole family. Located near the Balboa Marina.
Señorita Rita Beautiful catamaran at the dock in front of Balboa’s Restaurant