As a former US Navy guy who spent several years at sea, I am perfectly content to sit and watch the ocean for hours on end. Whether it’s flat as glass or has swells a big as Kim Kardashian’s caboose, I certainly do delight in the briny blue and all its beautiful moods. Some people, however, would rather come to Rocky Point to partake of inland pleasures. One of them is Matt Bronsky from Mesa.


MATT: Where are the babes?


CAP’N GREG: Babes?


MATT: C’mon, Cap’n Greg. I’m lookin’ for action.


CAP’N GREG: Action?


MATT: Where’s the best place to go and hook up?


CAP’N GREG: Hook up? Like a phone and high speed cable bundle?


MATT: Are you being difficult?


CAP’N GREG: No more than usual. It’s just that a young guy like you can find action about anywhere on the planet. But Rocky Point, if you hadn’t noticed, has an ocean to enjoy.


MATT: I don’t especially care to fish.


CAP’N GREG: Do you swim? Suntan? Jet ski?


MATT: Not really.


CAP’N GREG: Treasure hunt on the beaches with a metal detector? Go whale watching? Search for shells?


MATT: No thanks.


CAP’N GREG: Wade the pools at low tide? Skip rocks? Snorkel?


MATT: Nuh-uh.


CAP’N GREG: So you’d rather sit in a bar and hit on the ladies?


MATT: Nothing wrong with that, is there?


CAP’N GREG: The ladies may have a different opinion.


MATT: So you won’t help me out?


CAP’N GREG: Tell you what. There’s a way you can maybe find some action and at the same time see why so many of us love the ocean here. You want to give it a shot?


MATT: Absolutely.


CAP’N GREG: Two words: sunset cruise.


MATT: You’re brilliant, Cap’n Greg.


CAP’N GREG: It may seem that way to you, Matt, but sometimes I don’t have much competition.