People ask me all the time, “Where is the best bar in Rocky Point?” I say, “It depends.” If you want a place to drink until you fall down, you can do that at home, and you probably should. If you want a place that is jammed with members of the opposite sex who are not too picky who they hook up with, you should put the clinic on speed dial, because you’ll need it.

Everyone, including me, who has visited for a weekend or lived here for decades has a list of “bests” in Rocky Point. Remember I am not as young as I used to be, so the younger crowd (under 50) may prefer more rowdy destinations. For example, one spring break at Manny’s I saw more skin than the time at a family reunion when my Aunt Bertha sat on a fire ant hill and had to rip off all her clothes to get relief. (I am still in therapy twice a week.) So get your butt to Rocky Point, and try some of my faves.

Best Tacos

Asadero Viva Mexico (first street left off the fish market)

Best Fast Food

Chon’s Hot Dogs (on Constitucion off Juarez)

Best Place to Watch Sunsets

Playa Bonita Hotel (Sandy Beach)

Best Cheap Drinks and Food

American Legion Post #15 (on Chihuahua in the Mirador, membership not required)

Best Shrimp Seller

Jose’s (at the fish market)

Best Traditional Mexican Food

La Curva (on Kino)

Best Curio Shop

Lino’s (Cardboard Mall)

Best Glassware and Talavera Shop

Mercedes (on the right coming back from the Malecon)

Best Small Motel

Motel Carmelita (Ave. Barrera)

Best Outdoor Bar Experience

South Side Jillz (off Calle 13)

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