The first week I spent in Cozumel so many years ago was the best time I ever had. The second through the fifth were oaky, but nothing like the first. I’ve always heard it said that, “You can’t go back.” I guess that means the first time you try something, if your high expectations are met and even exceeded, it will be tough to ever reach that level of pleasure again. But that’s not always the case, according to Brenda Washington of Gilbert.

BRENDA: Every time I visit Peñasco I have the best time ever. Maybe it’s the dozens of restaurants. Maybe it’s the crazy fun bars. Maybe it’s just the magic of the sparkling sea. I have never once been disappointed.

CAP’N GREG: That’s good to hear, Brenda. But what would you say to someone who doesn’t have a good time every time?

BRENDA: I think there are two reasons for that. First, they aren’t trying hard enough.

CAP’N GREG: Like how?

BRENDA: Good times don’t just happen. You have to go grab some. Get off your butt and jump in the water. Stroll the Malecon. Go fishing. Try a Sonoran hot dog on the street, as well as eat at places that serve five-star meals on white tablecloths. Do a sunset cruise. Don’t spend all your time in one bar.

CAP’N GREG: Great advice.What’s your second reason people don’t enjoy Peñasco to the max?

BRENDA: They need to slow down. Get into the rhythm of Mexico.

CAP’N GREG: Ah, yes. The “mañana attitude.” It’s a very real thing, and not at all like the rat race back home, right?

BRENDA: Absolutely. The beer is cold. The scenery is spectacular. The people are delightful. In a laid-back place like Rocky Point, there is so much to enjoy, and not a single reason to hurry through the experience.

CAP’N GREG: May I buy you another piña colada?

BRENDA: Sure, Cap’n Greg. After I finish this one. But it could take a while.

CAP’N GREG: Brenda, we have all the time in the world.