This spring Sandy (not O’Hare) and I spent a wonderful seven days in Puerto Vallarta. Long-time friends asked us to join them at their time share in Paradise Village. It was absolutely spectacular. I get a lot of questions from people asking me to compare Rocky Point to the more famous Mexican resorts. As a matter of fact, a call came in just last week from Susan Swisher who lives in Poughkeepsie, NY.

SUSAN: Is Rocky Point as good as other Mexican beach destinations?

CAP’N GREG: Great question, Susan. First, a little history. Our inaugural visit to Cozumel was 1985. We stayed at El Presidente, a four-star beachfront hotel. Tremendous prices, food, beaches, people. So good, in fact, we went back there half a dozen times and were never disappointed. Then we discovered Rocky Point. At first, we tent camped at Playa Elegante. Within walking distance was tremendous food, beaches, people. It was so good, in fact, we rented a “permanent” spot there, and later at Playa de Oro. And we averaged 120 nights a year in Rocky Point, even when both of us were still working.

SUSAN: Your point?

CAP’N GREG: Some folks prefer Puerto Peñasco because it isn’t Puerto Vallarta. Or Cozumel. It is a four-point-five hour drive or shuttle ride from Tucson or Phoenix, which have airports where big ol’ jets from New York can land.

SUSAN: O-M-G, Cap’n Greg! You are so 1971!

CAP’N GREG: Yes, I am. Second, you can get a rental on the beach, like in a number of private homes. Or, and this is an important “or,” you can stay at a high-rise condo or hotel, which are more Vallarta-like. Check on line for accommodations.

SUSAN: Cost and amenities?

CAP’N GREG: Significantly cheaper than other Mexican resorts. Less of a border crossing hassle, safer (in my opinion), and it’s a paradise that offers a magical deep blue ocean and a unique laid-back experience.

SUSAN: Sounds good to me.

CAP’N GREG: Try it. You may find Rocky Point will become your favorite getaway. And I’ll even buy your first drink.

SUSAN: How generous of you.

CAP’N GREG: My pleasure. And while I have you on the line, the tranny went out of my dune buggy last week. Can you lend me a couple hundred for repairs? Susan? Hello? Susan? You still there? Hola?