November 7, 2022

Number 181 in a Series

Cap’n Greg remembers a few days and nights spent in New Orleans many years ago. The expensive four-star hotel room just off the French Quarter was amazing, but only used for showers and tooth brushing. There was just too much going on to even turn down the sheets. Jump to Peñasco in the 1990’s. There was no four star anything, although the demand for spring break and holiday camping space at Playa Elegante or Playa de Oro or Playa Bonita was so great you had to book a year in advance. Can you imagine that? Sure, there were a few small hotels, and some owners rented out their homes for a weekend or a week. But for the most part, the options were minimal. All that has changed, of course. While the RV resorts still get jam packed during the busy season, which is almost always now, there are scores of rental companies poised to book your weekend or longer in a swank hotel, a condo or a private home on the beach. There are even Airbnb options. Cap’n Greg is not in the room rental business and doesn’t play favorites when it comes to recommending “the best” places to stay. But he does remind you that not all of those online offers of Rocky Point lodging have your best interest at heart, if you get my drift. Do your homework. Ask your friends who have stayed here. Shop around. Call or email those who advertise in this fine publication. And remember, with so much to do, odds are you won’t spend much time in your room, anyway.