Tis The Season

This year has been one of both hardship and celebration. Barb had been away from the rescue, taking care of much needed medical concerns. Her return, a source of great joy to friends near and far, was happily celebrated. But, even with the care and generosity of dedicated board members, staff, volunteers, community sponsors, friends and visitors, the Rescue now faces the winter months with more challenges ahead.

No Room at the Inn

In the six years I have been associated with the incredible work Barb and her staff do, discussions have often centered on how we can better prepare for the increasing number of dogs in our care. Three hundred dogs seemed like an impossible task, but Barb made it work. Then it became 350. Slowly, over time, and despite Herculean efforts by all involved, Barb’s Dog Rescue now houses around 450 dogs and puppies. The human effort, time, and dollars it takes to accomplish this are enormous. But, if history tells us anything, it is that Barb will never give up.

Most of the dogs that arrive at the Rescue are in poor physical condition. Some have been injured and must immediately receive medical intervention. Virtually all of them are terribly underweight, and most are dehydrated. Usually, these outward symptoms pale when compared to the traumas they have experienced while living on the streets, in the desert, constantly in need of food, water and basic care.

Tick Fever is currently a severe problem being addressed in this part of Mexico. This bacterial disease requires a full month of specialized treatments. On a recent day in November, we transported 21 of our dogs to the vet’s office. Thirteen tested positive and began treatment.  We have just over 300 left to test. Without treatment many will suffer, and some will die. Your donation can help us continue to fight for a better tomorrow for all our dogs and puppies.

Gifts That Promise a Better Life

There are many ways to help during the holidays.

  • In honor of the holidays, consider making a donation to Barb’s in honor of a dog-loving friend or family member.
  • Buy a Barb’s Dog Rescue 2023 Calendar featuring current and former residents. T-shirts and calendars are available for purchase online or at the Rescue.
  • Do you shop on Amazon? You can shop on Amazon Smile instead and select Barb’s Dog Rescue as your charity of choice. When you do, we receive .5% of each purchase you make. This costs you nothing!
  • A severe water shortage is currently requiring Barb to purchase water and have it trucked in every third day. Visit the Rescue and ask to finance one day’s water.

These Gifts Come from the Heart

Do you have a skill or talent that you can share? Rocky Point Bike Rally attendee Rusty Childress volunteers every year to photograph every dog at the Rescue. He then provides those fabulous images at no cost. Cheryl Nestico uses her talents in design and photography to create our yearly Calendar. A generous lady from Arizona used her skills to knit winter sweaters and blankets for our dogs.

And, if you are visiting or make Peñasco your permanent or winter home, we are asking you to make a gift of love. Spend an hour a week socializing our puppies. Foster a motherless pup. Help us transport pups across the border. Adopt one of the older or special needs dogs. You will surely gain as much as you give from this experience.

Please visit us online athttp://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescueor our website: www.BarbsDogRescue.orgor Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578Email: barbsdogrescue@gmail.com

We are thankful for all who have opened their hearts and their homes to adoption, have contributed food, supplies, money, or who have made purchases through Amazon Smile. Thank you to those who have made Barb’s the recipient of your annual philanthropies. We could not continue the good work we do without your support. And for that, we are grateful and thankful 365 days a year. Happy holidays from our families to yours!