We have almost survived the heat and we are looking forward to cooler Fall weather. We have been blessed to be able to find wonderful qualified homes for 12 of our dogs in August. They have all moved to the United States and to a better life. They will make wonderful, loyal pets for these loving families. Our adoptions are free but we do monitor and screen the homes where our dogs go. We rescued them from an abusive environment and we do not want them to ever find themselves in that bad situation again.

We acquired Ray last month. He was rescued from one of the estuaries and he was in very bad need of medical attention. He has received the required care and he will most probably live the rest of his life at the rescue since he is an older dog and the likelihood of finding a home for an older dog like this is very slim. Maybe you know someone that can find it in their heart to give him a good home for the last couple of years of his life, please stop by if you do.

We are still working towards getting additional fencing so we can help more dogs. Dogs are continually getting abandoned along the Sonoyta Highway near the rescue. By the time we get them they are in a very bad way with ticks and fleas, stomach infections, dehydration, diarrhea, mange and fungus all of which takes a lot of time and medicine to nurse these poor animals back to health. We could not do this without your much appreciated donations.

Currently we are in desperate need of insecticide area spray for the dog’s living areas. A generous donor gave us a sprayer but we need the chemicals to spray the ground, which you could buy at the ACE hardware in Peñasco. Insect control is an ongoing issue and the only solution to keep the dogs healthy is regular spraying of their living areas.

One of our dogs, Bridgett, got bitten by a Black Widow spider which caused complete paralysis of her back legs. After two weeks of complete bed rest and regular vet visits she has regained most of the use of her back legs and is now back at the rescue. She is still recovering and we are not sure she will ever completely and get full use of her back legs. She has made good progress thanks to our vet Chochoy and all of his help and medical knowledge in this type of situation.

Again we thank all the kind and generous people who have been donating food and supplies. We are feeding over 50 dogs now which takes 200 pounds of food each week. If you are in town and want to buy dog food for our rescue, Sam’s Club has a good supply of Pedigree, which the dogs do well on. Other poorer quality chow like Pro Cam the dogs will not even eat so you know it’s bad.

In addition to dog food, we are always in need of basic items for these dogs, laundry soap, bleach for cleaning, paper towels, vitamins, outside beds, 5 gallon buckets for cleanup, tarps for shade, old towels, blankets, sheets, for dog bedding and bathing, flea and tick drops. And, they love the special treats you have been bringing them.

Please stop by and visit Barb’s Dog Rescue, say hello to the dogs and see the progress of our new facility. We are open to visitors every day from 9AM to 7PM, but best to call ahead if you can. As you enter Peñasco from Sonoyta, about 8 miles out of town, you can see two signs, one on each side of the highway marking the road to the rescue: DOG RESCUE, Need Food and Barb’s Dog Rescue.

You can also drop off your donation at Twin Dolphins Real Estate office on Fremont, next to the Cruz Roja. Please call with questions or if you want to arrange a visit. Call Barb at (044-638) 114-1659 or Dee at (044-638) 384-0113. When calling from the states, you can call Twin Dolphins office at (602) 324-7241.