Fall is in the air at Barb’s Dog Rescue and all the dogs are happy again. Hopefully, now we can continue with some of our projects around the rescue. We are still in need of more fencing so we can take in more dogs that desperately need our help.

It was a long hot summer which was very difficult on many of the dogs. We had one dog, which was dropped off, that had Lyme Disease due to the ticks. She was treated by our RP veterinarian, Chochoy with medication. She is doing well and should be fine.

We have had several dogs dropped off with very severe cases of the Mange and fungus which we have been treating all the dogs for since it is very contagious. With your help we can continue to treat all these dogs and get them the medication they need. Virtually all of the dogs that arrive here are sick, dehydrated, have stomach infections and are full of ticks. Most have the mange and all of them really need to be spayed or neutered. We seem to get the sickest of the sick dogs at our Rescue and we are continuing to take them for treatment. They are not adopted until they are in reasonable health.

Our costs to run the Rescue are on-going on a daily basis. We are looking for concerned dog lovers who will agree to SPONSOR a dog. If you could, stop by our rescue center and see these deserving dogs and select one to sponsor. They will greatly appreciate it and it will be a big help to us knowing that we can continue to to care for them and feed them. We currently require 200 Lbs of food a week, just to meet the daily demands. We need good nutritional food, since their physical condition is always very poor when we get them. Most are virtually starved and malnourished when they arrive here and you can see most of their bones through their skin and shabby coats. They are all treatable and we do the best we can with what we have to get them healthy so they can live a long and healthy life.

We want to thank those generous donors who have been helping the Rescue dogs by donating food, medication, dog beds, toys and collars and leashes. While we don’t want to turn down any donor, we ask that you please buy one of the better foods. Our dogs will not eat the Pro Cam dog food so it must be pretty bad. We are in need of dog houses, bedding and used towels for the winter. It’s amazing how they perk up when they get their own bed, somehow they seem to know it is theirs, they are like little kids at Christmas. These are very special times with these poor abused dogs. We know times are tough for everyone right now, but we hope that you will find it in your heart to make a donation. Five dollars or ten dollars would be very welcome.

If you are a kindhearted person who believes, as we do, that these homeless, abused and unwanted dogs deserve better, please help them. We are in constant need of the basics, food, vitamins, collars, leashes, veterinary medicines and, of course, money. You can be assured that every donation of any size will be gratefully appreciated and will be used for the direct care of these needy dogs.

We always welcome visitors so please stop by Barb’s Dog Rescue, say hello to the dogs and see the progress of our new facility. We are open to visitors almost every day from 9AM to 7PM, but best to call ahead if you can. As you enter Peñasco from Sonoyta, about 8 miles north of town, you can see two signs, one on each side of the highway marking the road to the rescue: “DOG RESCUE, Need Food”, and “Barb’s Dog Rescue”.

You can also drop off your donation at Twin Dolphins Real Estate office on Fremont, next to the Cruz Roja. Please call with questions or if you want to arrange a visit. Call Barb’s cell at (044-638)114-1659 or Dee at (044-638)384-0113. When calling from the States, you can call Twin Dolphins office at (602)324-7241. E-mail BarbsDogRescue@AOL.COM, and visit us on Facebook.