November Blessings

Our blessing began three years ago when, responding to the big yellow billboard, we stopped by Barb’s Dog Rescue to drop off some dog food and see if there was some way we could help. It is surprising how one day can change your life so dramatically.

Three years later, we still fall in love with the dogs at the Rescue. More importantly, we continue to admire and be inspired by the selfless work of Barbara Mumaugh, the Rescue’s founder. For over 17 years, seven days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day, Barb has been there for the countless, once homeless, often sick or injured dogs under her care. She has spent her savings and devoted her life to this cause. Watching her on a day-to-day basis leads one to ask, “If she can devote all this, what small thing can I do?”

We are certainly not the only ones to be inspired by Barb’s passion. Recently, this beautiful tribute was posted on the Rescue’s Facebook page. It was written from the perspective of one of her rescued dogs.

I only remember the pain of being hit, the days without food or water. They left me to die in the streets. You were driving on the road when you saw my fragile silhouette. You got out of the car and knelt before me. My trembling body felt the gentlest of hands. I was afraid, but I knew you wouldn’t hurt me. In your heart, in your home, there is always a place for those who face certain death. You healed my body and also my wounds. You gave me what I needed; a new beginning. When I was afraid at night, you were always there, with soft words, a caress, a hug. When I misbehaved, you only showed me love. You took care of me and you loved me in illness and in health. You always gave me so much love that I wanted to stay by your side, but you always told me although it hurts to say goodbye, you have to be adopted and find your own family. I didn’t understand why I had to go with strangers to a place I didn’t know. But, when my day of being adopted and going to my forever home arrived, I understood how wonderful it is to have a family that loves you and takes care of you for the rest of your life. And I know that the space I leave will be filled with another dog who needs to be rescued. Thank you for helping us when we were invisible to so many people. Thank you for giving us love and caring for us for as long as we needed you, and for making sure we would have the best forever homes possible. Thank you for giving us so much love, dear Mother. We love you and we appreciate what you do for us every day.

We, at Barb’s, have many blessings to count this year. We are thankful for all who have opened their hearts and their homes to adoption, have contributed food, supplies, money, or made purchases through Amazon Smile. We are thankful to those who purchased BDR t-shirts and calendars, and to those who made Barb’s the recipient of their annual philanthropies. Barb’s is forever indebted to the continued generosity of our sponsors, our dedicated staff and our many volunteers. We could not continue the good work we do without your support. And for that, we are grateful and thankful 365 days a year.


OMG! How can Barb’s be asking for food month after month? Barb’s Dog Rescue is the sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent home for 300+ dogs. These dogs primarily come from area animal control kill-shelters. Barb’s is literally the life or death difference for them. While Barb’s will find homes for 1000+ dogs a year, we will rescue that number or more, so the need is both large and constant.

Amazingly, the 160 pounds of puppy chow, 150 pounds of adult chow, 48 twelve-ounce cans of wet food, and a large box of dog treats pictured only get Barb and her volunteers through just one day’s feeding. And that doesn’t include the special meals of boiled chicken and rice for the animals in recovery or formula for the abandoned newborns. Multiply that times 365 days a year, and you have a mountain of needed food.

You, the community of supporters of Barb’s Dog Rescue, are the reason we are able to provide food, shelter and care for these homeless animals. So, yes, we come to you again and again, hoping you will continue your generous support of the mission that so many canine lives depend on. But if the need is so great, why are we so selective about the kind of dog food? Because uniformity in nutrition and digestion is important for the health and welfare of the dogs. That is why we ask for Kirkland’s dry and canned food from Welton’s on Benito Juarez or the Purina Dog Chow in the green and purple bags from Sam’s. But cash donations will buy even more food because of discounts the shelter receives from both Welton’s and Sam’s. A reminder: Barb’s Dog Rescue is an Arizona incorporated 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible, and 100% goes to the shelter, care and feeding of our dogs.


Two of our long time, favorite sponsors, John and Michelle Freise, have generously provided a limited-time access to the popular Rescue. Love. Repeat. t-shirts from our capital expansion program. So, now you, too, can wear the support you show while helping to raise awareness of Barb’s mission. These pre-shrunk, 90% cotton shirts are soft, comfortable, and perfect for our warm September days. They come in men’s and women’s sizes: M, L, XL and XXL. The shirts can be purchased locally from The Rescue, or they can be ordered online. Shipping is free anywhere in the USA, and all proceeds go to Barb’s. Ordering instructions can be found on our website. We would love to see these t-shirts being worn all over town as our winter visitors return to Rocky Point.

As always, Barb wishes to thank all who have contributed food, money or time. She could not continue this life-saving work without you. Most of all, she holds a special place in her heart for those kindred souls who are willing to open their home and hearts to rescue dogs.