Help Us Help Them

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the Rescue the Dogs are nestled in their beds just wishing and hoping that good old Saint Nick will surely stop by and fill their stockings with food and medical supplies and just maybe a treat or two or just wishing for possibly a new toy or chew.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and all of us 50 dogs want to thank all of you for all the food, treats and new fencing you have supplied for us in this past year. Some of us still need to be fixed and would like to get this done before the end of the year. We are asking for your help to get this done as soon as possible and, with your support, we can do this by the end of the year.

We want to thank the Law firm of Schwebel, Coetz & Sieben from Minneapolis, MN for the generous $2,000.00 donation they gave to the Rescue to provide for the water hookup for the dogs. Barb has had to bucket the water in for the dog’s which has made it extremely difficult for her. With your help we can continue to help these poor neglected and abused dogs and give them a wonderful home environment while at the Rescue, until we find them good homes in the US.

We have had several dog’s come down with the lyme disease from the ticks this summer, we continue to spray the yard on a weekly basis and use tick collars and 30 day treatments on them. These treatments are very expensive and we would greatly appreciate it if you could donate some of these supplies to the Rescue.

We have been taking in 2 to 4 dogs a week into the Rescue for the past 3 months, most of them were all sick and needed medical attention to pull them through.

We are happy to say we have adopted over 30 dogs out to wonderful homes in the US in the past 4 months.  Many of these families have sent us photos of how happy these lucky ones are to have good homes. Look at Mandy today all dressed up in her new Christmas hat, just waiting for Santa to come her way. What a happy girl, thanks to Brigitte Brugger from Tucson for all her support and donations to help pull her through and adopting her.

If you are a kindhearted person who believes, as we do, that these homeless, abused and unwanted dogs deserve better, please help them.  We are in constant need of dog food, vitamins, beds, old towels, blankets, bleach, trash bags, pine sol, paper towels and training pads. Toys and treats, they always love. You can be assured that any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for the direct care of these needy dogs. We are in need of a hot water heater for the Rescue so we can give these dogs a warm bath during the winter months, and for the sick ones just arriving.

We always welcome visitors, so please stop by Barb’s Dog Rescue, say hello to the dogs and see the progress of our new facility.  We are open 9AM to 7PM every day.  We are located 8 miles out of Rocky Point on the hwy to Sonoyta  look for the signs on the west side of the road, Dog Rescue or Barb’s Dog Rescue. The arrows will take you right to the Rescue.  You can also drop off your donation at Twin Dolphins Real Estate office on Fremont, next to the Red Cross. This is Barb’s sister Dee, and they both work the Rescue. The dogs that are in recovery are at the office with Dee, so stop by and say Hi! And see how wonderfully well they are doing.

Please fell free to call Barb’s local cell (044-638) 114-1659 or Dee at (044-638) 384-0113 or, if calling from the US you can call Twin Dolphins office at  (602) 324-7241 or e-mail our website is  and visit us on Facebook.