The holidays are officially here and we hope that you all are able to spend this special time of year with family and friends – two-legged and four- legged. If you do not have a four-legged friend to share the holidays with or to curl up with by the fire, Barb’s Dog Rescue is the place to come to solve this dilemma! Dogs make any house a home and are a joy to come back to after a hard day’s work or a long day of Christmas shopping! We have dogs of every age, size, activity level and temperament and we can find the perfect fit for you and your family. If you aren’t thinking about adopting at this time, you are welcome to come spend some time with the puppies and dogs we have here. They all would enjoy a good hug, a new toy or a holiday treat!

There is always someone at the rescue as taking care of 100 dogs is a 24 hour a day job. However, there is so much work that needs to be done and attention to be divided between many dogs (and not enough hours in the day!) We would love to have people come by if you have an extra hour of time down in Rocky Point to play with and socialize the dogs. Many of the street dogs have never had someone love and care for them or even give them a pet. When they come to the rescue with having no experience – except possibly bad times – with human beings, they definitely need a little patience, attention and love. Just sitting with the animals and talking to them helps a lot! Even puppies, if they were born to a feral mother, need a lot of extra care and require people holding them and comforting them to get them up to speed with the world of humans.

This past month, we had 14 puppies that came to us only weeks old and with no mother dog to be found. Barb and team have doing daily and nightly bottle feedings to make sure they get the nutrients and care they need without their mother’s milk. It is a lot of work to raise puppies that need to nurse and thankfully with around-the-clock care as well as vet visits, these little tiny babies survived and are in the process of being adopted. Please be sure to come by Barb’s Dog Rescue if you are interested in adopting one of these puppies or any of the many others with similar amazing stories of rescue.

We would not be able to help any of these dogs without your support and all donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can either be dropped off at the rescue, mailed to P.O. Box 116, Lukeville 85341 or at We can also coordinate donations to be transported from Phoenix to Rocky Point. Please visit us on our Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page as well for updates, pictures and news.